Festival Season is Upon Us - Houston

I have been to the “other” Greek festival, but not this one. I’m going to try and go, thanks for the data.

Texas BBQ Festival this weekend, May 19-20

Seems to be focusing on the music more than the meat.

Morris Day and the Time and the Old 97s appearing Saturday evening. Downtown venue.

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What ya get for the $10 entrance fee? Er, entrance?


The ad says a $200 VIP ticket gets you all you can eat mudbugs, luxury portable potties, and a nice seat away from the rabble.

I guess $10 lets you in just far enough to wish you had sprung for the $200. :grin:


I think you should take one for the team, I’m not going holding out for the San Leon oyster festival. It was closed last year due to all the run off from Harvey.


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We’re going to Bayou City March 9th, a Saturday for boiled crawfish and etoufee, raw oysters and their take on Rockefeller. Some catfish pieces may be involved.

It would be nice to see you people again. Feel free to join us.

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I’ll pitch it to the krewe.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s the mater’s fave place for crawcritters.

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Lambsy and Jaymes?

I didn’t eat any crawfish last year as a silent protest against high prices but I’ve gone through the three stages of grief on oyster and crawfish prices, anger, denial, acceptance so I’m going to a quick cash place for a loan to finance this venture.

What time are y’all thankin?

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Probably around 2 but we’re open. I want to get there before 4 to take advantage of the lunch etoufee.

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I like that time.

My long suffering other is stoked, perhaps because he was missing on Valentine’s Day, but I’ll take it.

Count 2 of us in. I’ll see if I can get Jaymes’ attention.

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Damn 200 is steep! I’d go with the 10 entry and price of food lol

Snap some pics. I want to see this feast. I’m jealous

I’m passing on it being the first annual, and have no idea of the setup or prices, it could be a bunch of people milling around with crawfish in Styrofoam containers and limited or no seating.

I hope someone takes one for the team or I’ll look it up on Yelp.

We’re working on a crawfish meetup, hey you’re invited.

In other news crawfish are back at MY HEB this weekend.

How are the prices looking on the craw?

Okay, I know I’m outting myself as a furner but I don’t really know exactly what and where you’re talking about. I mean I do know what crawdads are. But are we talking about a restaurant, a park, a church, a what…?

However, I do know who y’all are and I like you so if you’re going, I’m in. :slight_smile:

Do I need to make a reservation or buy a tkt?

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Too high, 8.99 lb but 7.99 on weekend happy hour. These may sound like good prices in NJ but I’m having to get used to the supply and demand in this crawfish crazed city.

Crawfish Crazed?

Entire street in Beijing pretty much devoted to crawfish restaurants. This was just one of about 2 dozen, with huge waits outside. On a weeknight.

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We have in Houston a Chinatown that goes on for several miles with at least that many places selling crawfish not to mention multiple places around the city selling them. Many, many multiple plus you can buy 40 pound sacks of live ones at quite a few grocery stores.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold