[San Francisco, Mission] Tortas Los Picudos

Had a sandwich from Tortas Los Picudos on 24th Street in the Mission recently for lunch. I’ve had a few tortas from here before, but hadn’t been back in awhile. They also have freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, and licuados for drinks.

I had the #19 - jamon, huevo y chorizo ($8.50) with queso fresco (you can also get the tortas with Swiss or American cheese). It was a really good sandwich. Layered with sliced ham and a hearty chorizo scrambled egg mixture, with onion, pickled jalapeños, lettuce, sliced avocado, tomato, mayo, sour cream, and the queso fresco. Roll was a little thin, toasted with a smooth crust. Probably hollowed out a little to fit all the fillings? It was a large sandwich and well constructed.

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I haven’t had a lot of tortas, but the ones I had always seem to have bread that look about as thick as yours. With that said, the ones I had were mostly D.F. style. They say their tortas are D.F. style. Perhaps other places like Puebla offer thicker buns?

Speaking of tortas, any other good places to get one in the city?

Would also like torta recommendations in SF if anyone has any.

Just a little ways down on 24th from Tortas Los Picudos is La Torta Gorda. I’ve only been there once a while ago and had the pierna enchilada torta, which I thought was only ok. I may just not be a fan of pulled pork style sandwiches. They do have a rajas con queso (peppers and cheese) torta that looks good, was actually going to try that that day but they were closed so I went to Tortas Los Picudos instead.

Here is a Puebla-style “Cemita” from the highly-regarded Taqueria Coatzingo in Jackson Heights NY, The bread is sesame-seeded. (Wrapping in butcher paper before slicing is a New York touch )

Puebla is the main supplier of restaurant workers in New York in recent years and the meme about “no good Mexican food in New York” has become a false narrative, IMHO.

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I like everything I’ve had at La Torta Gorda, including the pierna enchilada. I have tried the rojas con queso there, which I also thought was good except for the occasional spots where the cheese was piled too high.

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I saw some listicle heralding Nopalito’s torta, which is a lunch only thing. It was disappointing, especially the bread, kinda phoned in compared to the rest of the menu.

Anyone been to Tortas Boos Voni recently?

Tortas los picudos opens at 7am, which is a nice perk

This listicle that you were looking at?

7am for a torta seems a bit early?!

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