[San Francisco, Mission] Son's Addition

An impromptu trip into the city took us to an impromptu brunch at Son’s Addition, which seemed to be getting quite a lot of press these days.

Spicy corn beef hash. A little heat from the Fresno chiles livened things up. Slathered the yolk all over the hash. Nice dish. My favorite of the meal.


Fried chicken sandwich with some sweet tasting slaw/ aioli combination. Pretty good. Would prefer the breading to be a little thinner.

Malted waffle. I have never have been a waffle person and still am not after the dish. The waffle and the maple syrup were all pretty clean tasting, but didn’t quite understand why the waffle was only $1 less than the hash or the sandwich.


I went to Son’s Addition for dinner at the bar.

I started with the Roasted Bone Marrow (with tomatillo, sea salt, garlic confit, celery heart, $18). Not sure where the tomatillo was in here. I was instructed to spread some roasted garlic on the toasted bread, top with marrow and celery, and enjoy. Really good marrow that went really well with the roasted garlic and a little celery for freshness.

Then for the main course I had the Marin Sun Farms Burger (with white cheddar, bacon-onion marmalade, iceberg lettuce, charred scallion aioli, served with fries and house dill, $17). A good burger on a sesame bun. Kind of reminded me of 4505’s burger back when they were selling them at the Ferry Plaza farmer’s market. Properly medium rare. The fries were fine.

For dessert I had the Prosecco Sabayon (with mix berry compote and brown butter streusel, $9) which was a bit like a pudding with a sweet berry sauce on the bottom and crunchy streusel bits on top.

A good dinner. The menu to me didn’t seem that adventurous to me, but everything was executed well.

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