Samin Nosrat author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat has a Netflix show coming


Funsucker! :wink: Or wait…:roll_eyes::open_mouth:


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Oh , for sure. In terms of practical application to cooking, adding a salty condiment is adding salt. And ‘fat is flavor’ is something cooks like to say (as they’re adding another pound of butter).

I still enjoyed it far more than David Chang and his bros or Christine McConnell and her puppets.

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Agree , she did work for Alice Waters and would cook circles around any of us .



No need to make yourself suffer as I completely disagree with both of your statements. Soy sauce is salty. Can it be made with more or less salt? Yes, but regardless you should take that into account when seasoning what you cook. Seems a rather pointless distinction. And Fat does equal flavor. Perhaps you don’t like the amounts of salt or fat that she uses, but that doesn’t change the facts. Perhaps you should have phrased it “culinary preferences”.


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Cxld. The buttermilk was way past use date so I’m going with tons of fresh herbs, lemon and garlic tonight in a roasting bag instead.

Another time…


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Samin is the guest chef on CBS Saturday morning today. Every recipe, including the yogurt chicken, was featured. She discussed her book and the video series. I enjoy her entire personality.

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(saregama) #47

You might enjoy the book - it’s very thoughtful and clinical in isolating sources of flavor so you can learn to put them together in different combinations. You probably know a lot of it already as a food enthusiast, but it’s very thoughtfully analyzed.

Library might have it… mine does.

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(Dan) #48

I have the audio ver of the book.


(saregama) #49

It’s very visual though - there are tables and charts and wheels :joy:


(Dan) #50

I asked Santa for the book🤞



I like the book, especially given my recent foray into “souring aggents”.

One day/week/month I’m going to spend lots of time reading, evauating, and planning dishes with it, and with The Flavor Bible.

For now, I’ll just come here!

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I have now watched most of the Salt episode and she does use a sh!t ton of salt. Yesterday I heard her on an NPR interview and they asked her about that and she says she’s being very performative in order to make the point that salt is an important ingredient, not so much that you should use that much.

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I finally got around to watching the first episode (Fat) and liked it a lot. I agree that there’s too much oil flung about, but I feel that way about 99% of the cooking shows and segments I’ve seen. I didn’t see any sign of “poor production,” unless @Auspicious is talking about something other than the way the show is put together - I thought it looked and sounded great (I did have to fast forward through the hog-butchering part, 'cause that stuff grosses me out).

I do wish we could get away from the mandatory ooh-ing and eye-rolling that’s apparently de rigueur for food tourism shows, but at least Nosrat doesn’t hoot and holler and high-five like some hosts do. I couldn’t get through Mind of a Chef, even though I was really interested in the topics. My tolerance for bro-ness is low.

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(ChristinaM) #55

I am roasting a whole buttermilk-ranch​:chicken:tonight :slight_smile:

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What did they say?

I believe I have exhausted all food related shows on Netflix, public television, Amazon prime, Hulu, You Tube, Food Network, Cooking Channel, you name it.

If Netflix is holding back on something better, I want to know. I’d prefer almost anything to re-watching Top Chef season 1-?, or current “triple D” or Grocery Games.

I’m going to try some Podcasts.



This is from last year … I would love to cook with her:

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