Samin Nosrat author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat has a Netflix show coming


Funsucker! :wink: Or wait…:roll_eyes::open_mouth:

(Andrea) #42

Oh , for sure. In terms of practical application to cooking, adding a salty condiment is adding salt. And ‘fat is flavor’ is something cooks like to say (as they’re adding another pound of butter).

I still enjoyed it far more than David Chang and his bros or Christine McConnell and her puppets.


Agree , she did work for Alice Waters and would cook circles around any of us .


No need to make yourself suffer as I completely disagree with both of your statements. Soy sauce is salty. Can it be made with more or less salt? Yes, but regardless you should take that into account when seasoning what you cook. Seems a rather pointless distinction. And Fat does equal flavor. Perhaps you don’t like the amounts of salt or fat that she uses, but that doesn’t change the facts. Perhaps you should have phrased it “culinary preferences”.

(Dan) #45

Cxld. The buttermilk was way past use date so I’m going with tons of fresh herbs, lemon and garlic tonight in a roasting bag instead.

Another time…