Samin Nosrat author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat has a Netflix show coming


This looks great!

(Dan) #2

Thanks for the heads up.


Loving it!

And so do these reviews!


Bon Appetit

Philly Voice


ETA “So the day I got the news of “we want it,” was two days after the Trump election, and I was in my bed, very depressed. I very much questioned, “What does it mean for me to decide to be a public person, when the public has sent me a very clear message that I’m not the kind of person that they want to see on camera?” I had to sit with that.”

Apparently Netflix knows what I like!

(Dan) #4

Just watched episode, FAT. Whats not to love about all the flavors that come from fat! Im in moderation mode but the host does a warm and inviting job of making you hungry and eager to recreate the dishes and head to your local Italian market for salum and more! I could smell the parm from my cozy chair!

(Dan) #5

Episode SALT was equally enjoyable set in Japan the host journeys to makers of miso, soy, salt farming and explains dishes utilizing the traditional methods.

I hope the series expands beyond the book. The host is so down to earth and joyful.


In the trailer she comes across as full of joy and wide eyed discovery. I could use some of that energy these days. Looking forward to diving in.

(Dan) #7

Finished the four part series late last night. The persian rice and buttermilk roasted whole chicken, extensive suggestion for using acids in a dish, from the last 2 episodes, are on the bucketlist.

I completely loved this series. I was not familiar with the host but had seen her book at the store. She is great at explaining food prep and I would have enjoyed any instruction from her as I found the entire thing approachable and fun.


I’ve watched them all more than once.


I watched the first one and thought it was really good. Will finish!

(Karen Mezzetta) #10

Watched the first 3 today & enjoyed them immensely, I found them to be almost hypnotic…

(Dan) #11

Recipes in a handy place.

(Andrea) #12

Really enjoyed it overall, but I found the Heat episode anti-climactic. Less of a love letter to food with very basic cooking Shopping for broccoli and soaking beans aren’t that exciting to me.

(Dan) #13

True but the chicken and rice method in the epi got me thinking.