Samin Nosrat author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat has a Netflix show coming


This looks great!

(Dan) #2

Thanks for the heads up.


Loving it!

And so do these reviews!


Bon Appetit

Philly Voice


ETA “So the day I got the news of “we want it,” was two days after the Trump election, and I was in my bed, very depressed. I very much questioned, “What does it mean for me to decide to be a public person, when the public has sent me a very clear message that I’m not the kind of person that they want to see on camera?” I had to sit with that.”

Apparently Netflix knows what I like!

(Dan) #4

Just watched episode, FAT. Whats not to love about all the flavors that come from fat! Im in moderation mode but the host does a warm and inviting job of making you hungry and eager to recreate the dishes and head to your local Italian market for salum and more! I could smell the parm from my cozy chair!

(Dan) #5

Episode SALT was equally enjoyable set in Japan the host journeys to makers of miso, soy, salt farming and explains dishes utilizing the traditional methods.

I hope the series expands beyond the book. The host is so down to earth and joyful.


In the trailer she comes across as full of joy and wide eyed discovery. I could use some of that energy these days. Looking forward to diving in.

(Dan) #7

Finished the four part series late last night. The persian rice and buttermilk roasted whole chicken, extensive suggestion for using acids in a dish, from the last 2 episodes, are on the bucketlist.

I completely loved this series. I was not familiar with the host but had seen her book at the store. She is great at explaining food prep and I would have enjoyed any instruction from her as I found the entire thing approachable and fun.


I’ve watched them all more than once.


I watched the first one and thought it was really good. Will finish!

(Karen Mezzetta) #10

Watched the first 3 today & enjoyed them immensely, I found them to be almost hypnotic…

(Dan) #11

Recipes in a handy place.

(Andrea) #12

Really enjoyed it overall, but I found the Heat episode anti-climactic. Less of a love letter to food with very basic cooking Shopping for broccoli and soaking beans aren’t that exciting to me.

(Dan) #13

True but the chicken and rice method in the epi got me thinking.


Just watched “salt” last night- now I’m desperate to go to Japan and try as many of the salts, pickled vegetables, soy sauce and miso humanly possible!
Definitely worthwhile watching

(Gwenn) #15

Just read this article in Food and Wine. Thought I’d share.


Watched the first episode last night. it is packed with information. Was a bit of an over load for me and am looking forward to watching again. There is some beautiful cinematography to look at while trying to read the subtitles as techniques and gems go flying by. Add to that I’m a slow reader and generally avoid movies or shows that require it.

That said it was beautiful and she is warm and charming and endearing in a very down to earth way. My only disappointment was discovering there are only 4 episodes. I do hope she comes back with another season and continues to explore the many ways that the 4 elements can be used.

(Dan) #17

I bought the audio book because I enjoyed the series so much. If you want to follow along further her book is one way to do so at your own pace. A large library might even get a copy in paper or audio form at your request if thats an option for you.

If the Netflix series is well rec’d I hope more information from the author will follow.


I have a kindle version of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and have been reading it sporadically as I have time.

(Dan) #19

Samin is part of this NYT magazine article on candy from around the globe.

(Dave Skolnick) #20

I watched all four and found them painful. Way oversalted wound through all four episodes, poor production, and not such great cooking. Seriously not impressed. Thumbs down.