Salted duck eggs

So I bought salted duck eggs, now what?

What do I do with them? How do you use them? They’re raw, fwiw.

Hard-boiled and quartered, they appear among the condiments served with congee.

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In moon cake they like to include the yolk. Not that I suggest you to make this.

How about salted duck egg yolk prawns, really good. I ate that in my recent trip in Hong Kong and in Penang.

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Zongzi- glutinous rice stuffed with duck egg yolk, and other things like meats and beans, wrapped in a large flat leaf.

Since the cooked salted duck eggs are very savory, perhaps you can just smash them up and sprinkle them on top of blander tasting things like salad.


I would say the simplest way to use them is:

Hard boiled it, cut it in quarters or halves and use them as condiment.

Or hard boiled it, and then chopped it all up and toss them in your stir fry veggies.