Salt- Free spice Mixtures

Have to lower my salt intake, doctor’s orders .I want to create some salt free herb/spice blends to replace added salt. I just bought some dried lemon and orange zestl and have most common dried herbs and spices. Any recipes? Thanks!

Whichever one you get, check the ingredients carefully.

A friend of mine was advised to stop using added salt in her diet due to kidney issues. She found a salt substitute, No Salt. She loved it because it made her food taste like it had salt added. She ended up in the hospital due to a dangerously high level of potassium in her blood from the No Salt.

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IMO, acid is a better substitute for salt than most herbs/spices. I would suggest getting some powdered vinegar and experimenting with it, either on its own or as part of a spice blend. Just be careful to get one that is only vinegar, not a salt/vinegar blend.


I don’t make my own mixes but I do not like salty food. We use Dash Garlic & Herb Seasoning Blend as a general purpose seasoning spice. I also like Penzeys Spices - here is a list of all of their salt-free seasonings

I always have the Bavarian Seasoning to use on pork roasts and turkey parts. I also like the Chile Con Carne seasoning - I add extra cumin to season taco meat. The jerk seasoning is good on chicken. I use a few of the others, too.

I’ll be interested to read responses to your post.

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Thanks, ordered some from Amazon!

I might have some good suggestions 1. Start with a base of dried basil, thyme, rosemary, and oregano. 2. Grind up some garlic. 3. Add sea salt, and black pepper. Use the basil and oregano as the main spice, then the other two are optional. Fresh herbs are best if you have them.

Also lemon pepper seasoning is a perfect blend to lower salt intake. It will do good to your food and taste too. You can add black peppercorns and green stalks of celery to it.