"Salmon Croquettes"

I made these, and they were good, but not what I want them to be.

Not “cakes” or “patties”.
I’m wanting “those ones” ( my English major daughter tortures me with that phrase) that are shaped like a cone, and bound with white sauce.

I’ve come to realize my mom may not have been a GREAT cook, but she introduced me to a lot of great things, and this was one of them.

I know I’ve explored this before, but I can’t find what I’m looking for, even in Joy of Cooking!

Anybody got any leads?


Sounds very like Spanish croquettes, where the filling is bound with a thick bechamel before being crumbed & fried. My experience there is that they are usually tubular rather than cone shaped. Croquettes are a favourite starter for us, in Spain, and we’ve eaten them in various regions. But the best we know is a small place in Tenerife where they make them with either ham or prawn. Both delicious. We’re just back from a trip and, this year, we chose the prawn. They come with a dollop of strongly flavoured alioli.

(PS: like the look of your fishcake)


My mom used to make salmon croquettes too and I loved them. I have not even tried to duplicate them.

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+1 Spanish croquetas - though I’ve only ever had bacalao, ham, chicken, or mushroom, never salmon.

I’ve seen Goya frozen croquetas in the store, so there’s also a Latin American version out there if that’s what you’re thinking of.


Spanish croquettes are great but I still prefer the kind you get (usually chicken or turkey) in NJ and PA diners.


Are those potato or white sauce based? Either way, yum!

This may be of assistance:


That’s the shape!

The last time I obsessed about this, someone mentioned the contrasting crispy outside, with the almost salmon in white sauce consistency on the inside.

Seems so hard to execute. Like a “Chinese soup dumpling”!

Is that what the Spanish versions are like? I have had all manner of salt cod “cakes”, and don’t favor those with potato.

@RobinJoy; thanks!

Looks like chilling is important at various stages. Let us know how you get on!

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