I happen to have raspberry vinegar and garden spinach…gotta try this!


I hope you like it!!

This Broccoli Date Crunch Salad soundsgood.

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Our local market is posting a.favorite salad of mine,
Watermelon chunks with feta and arugula or green of your choice drizzled with olive oil. Looking forward to summer.


Sounds good! My arugula is usually done by the time watermelons are local, but I love it with just the feta too!

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Thank goodness for salads, to help with the regularity :rofl:


I’m a convert to dates in salad. That looks amazing.


I saw it on a Guy Fieri show. Who knew? :exploding_head:

oof now it’s ruined for me :wink:

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I had an incredible salad with thinly sliced celery, finely chopped dates, and ricotta salata at a restaurant in Philly. I’m not too fond of sweet things in my savories, but this worked fantastically well. It’s all about proportions, I guess.


If you haven’t tried Ottolenghi’s baby spinach salad with dates and almonds, I recommend it highly. As I noted upthread, I always skip the pita and butter and just fry the almonds and sumac in olive oil, and Cho the dates smaller.


The dates … medjool, ajwa, or other? There’s even one called sukkheri, referring to its massive sugar content.

(I lived in Saudi Arabia for a bit, so I’m compelled to ask.)

I honestly didn’t ask, but medjool seems to be the predominant kind of dates we get in the US.

Which restaurant? Was it in Fishtown/Northern Liberties?

Laurel on Passyunk. Highly recommend, if only for that salad :slight_smile:

Of late. Started as a cold weather crave but quickly became our favs.

Sliced pears, toasted walnuts, crumbled goat cheese, bib lettuce, diced avocado, thin lemon slices. No dressing needed.

Sliced hard boiled eggs that have been cured in jarred beet juice, soft lettuce mix, olive oil drizzle.


No dressing at all? Are the lemon slices peeled or do you eat the peel? Do you smoosh them up to have some juice at least to dress the salad?

It sounds really good.

No dressing, btwn the soft ingredients and literally jabbing your fork in, the bowl gets plenty moist. Lemon, peel on.

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I’ve done a salad that has greens, and mandoline’d onions, and toasted walnuts, and blue cheese, and apples. The apples really made it special. Who’d a thunk it? My guests cleaned their salad bowls.