Safety of ceviche with wild caught, never frozen halibut? Other ideas?

Lucky me! I was gifted a wild caught halibut and salmon from quite a ways out to sea ( off the shores of Northern California, caught today). I’m aware that halibut and salmon can contain a lot of parasites. I was hoping to make ceviche with some of the halibut and gravlax with the salmon but am concerned that the acid for the ceviche and the salt/sugar cure for the gravlax won’t be enough to kill any parasites that I may miss. Thoughts? I’m used to using flash frozen fish for any raw/semi-raw preparations. I really don’t want to make anyone sick who consumes it. I’ve read conflicting info about safety in this circumstance.

I don’t tend to be overly anal about food safety. I’m happy to eat leftover chili that’s been sitting out all night but my guests might not be as cavalier. What do you think? Should I reconsider and come up with some appetiser ideas that utilise cooked fish? If so, I really need some help with ideas for a Latin inspired menu.