S&P grinders.

Hopefully Santa will bring me a pair of these which can be used single-handedly. I need them for seasoning raw meat, using one hand to rotate/manipulate the meat and the other hand to operate the grinder.

Any good or bad experiences with these please? Any good makers, or bad ones to be avoided? I guess electric may be the answer.

I of course know that I have existing solutions to this, but I like to keep raw meat & fish etc off my two handed pepper grinder.

Gave up on the one-handed pepper grinder after it slipped out of my hand and into a pot of soup. Possibly it was made for a larger handed person. Now I just wash my hands all the time, or use tongs when possible to keep my hands and my grinders clean.

I’m guessing you either need the bunny rabbit squeeze grinders:



The one handed battery operated grinders:


NOTE that I’m not recommending either of these specifically, just the style.

I had the bunny eared one but like Ferny, I dropped it in a pot of red sauce and there was no getting it clean. Now, (like Ferny) I just wash my hands a lot.


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I see big chefs using this one on TV shows. It even has a light and you can change the grinding size.

I don’t own it personally, I have Peugeot salt and pepper mills, the classic wooden ones with U-select, really happy about them. I prefer to grind the pepper in a bowl beforehand, and sprinkle on the meat if there is the need of 1 hand on meat…

I owned the Chef’n PepperBall mill. It’s an average mill, not a lot of pepper coming out and it’s quite tiring to do it with 1 hand. I just use it for fancy spice and salt mix or pepper that I used once a while.

Mine worked pretty well, but after dropping it in the sauce I went back to basics…

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Thanks All.

I think I’ll go for the bunny ears and try not to drop it!

here’s a thought . . .

this OxO was highly recommended -

I could only find it on-line.
a $12 grinder? how could that really be so good?
but given the recommendation from a trusted posted and seeing how if it bombs I’m not out a lot of money… I bought one.

there is a knob on the bottom. find the grind you like for general purposes, then you can click finer / coarser as needed but the knob has very definite click positions - I can always return to ‘exactly’ my preferred setting.

next up - it has a bottom snap on plastic tray. I didn’t have much faith it that either…
but it works, it continues to work 2+ years into use.
with a bit of experimenting, you can deduce how many turns it takes for i.e. half a teaspoon of grind-du-need. pre-grind, pop off the bottom tray, one handed sprinkle as needed…

end of story: altho I was prepared to spend the bucks, the $12 Oxo provides excellent control of grind size, repeat-ability, clever tray, easy to “clean”, easy to load… cotton picking dang excellent chunk of hardware - they should charge more…

Thanks, but I’ve always had the option of pre-grind into a bowl and sprinkle with my free hand. What I want is a one handed grinder.

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