I saw part of New Scandinavian Cooking today and was interested in the method Andreas used in preparing rutabaga/swede. The one he cooked looked to be about 5" in diameter. He baked it whole, in a covered dish that was a snug fit, for an hour at 350F. While it remained in the dish, he sliced off the top, then pureed it, within its skin, using an immersion blender. He added butter and seasonings, scooping it directly onto the plate. The baking sweetens the flesh, and the presentation has rustic appeal.

Swedes cooking swedes in a Swedish way.

I think he’s Norwegian but they all seem inordinately fond of dill. It was his main seasoning for beef filet which he enrobed in mashed potato for a version of beef Wellington. I think he put it in the swedes, and the spuds, too.

Same flaccid peninsula :wink: