Rupert Is Ready But I Am Not

I have had several bad sourdough experiences but WTH, I decided to give it a go and voila, I seem to have come up with a good starter, which (who?) I am calling Rupert.

I fed him a few hours ago and he has doubled in size. (Please, no bad jokes.) I think he’s ready - but I am not.

Now what? If I put Rup in the fridge, will I have to refeed him after I take him out? I don’t mind this. I got over the “what to do with the discard” dilemma after I decided I could make buckwheat wraps with it.


Yes. If you’re not ready, Rupert can live in the fridge until you are. You will need to feed him before use.

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Thanks - I’ve been reading intensively about sourdough and I’ve learned a lot.

I can relax.

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