Roy Rogers making a comeback Edison NJ

Not sure this link is going to work, but apparently Roy Rogers Fast Food is attempting a comeback!!! New location in Edison opening June 8th! Might have to stop when in the area and try their fried chicken!

My very first job was at a Roy Rogers. I love their fried chicken, so many memories.

The roast beef and fixings bar lol…good memories

I use to love it as well but I did get food poisoning from it once, that was 20+ years ago so I’m over it now. Their horseradish sauce…so good.

For those in Ocean County I see a new one opened on Hooper Ave across the street from Shop Rite & Burlington Coats!


I regret to say there is also a new Roy Rogers in Flemington, Hunterdon County.

Awwww why do you regret it? Try it! You might like it!

Mikey tried it,
He did not like it,
I therefore doubt that I would like it.

Hello Guys,

Apparently, I didn’t read the memo to come here from the “other” site. LOL

I’ve been to the Edision Roy Rogers a few times since they opened.

I think most of the food is pretty “Meh”, but the roast beef is still pretty darn good for a fast food place.

It seems like the buzz has slowed down and you can actually get in there now, but there are still different employees every time i go.

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Nice!!! Another familiar face!!! Welcome! Look forward to seeing more of you now!
Have you tried the fried chicken at Roy’s? That was always my favorite.

(Please spread the word to any other old friends)

I had the roast beef there too.

Aaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddddd??? (how was it?)

As fast food standard goes, the roast beef sandwich was good. Now, you cannot really compare it to good sandwich shops.

Who is the other big player in the fast food roast beef business? Arby’s? Better - Worse? Same?

I’ve never been a fan of fast food hot roast beef sandwiches. Now…give me a nice french dip, with a sharp provolone…some horseradish sauce and a side of au jus…oh yeah baby.

Did you try the fried chicken? Dang it I"m going to have to go there myself and try it soon it seems.

Yes, I think Arby is the other one. I haven’t had them back to back (not even within 5 years), so it won’t be fair for me to compare. I think I like Roy Roger more, but … it could have entirely due to which side of the bed I woke up that day.

I haven’t tried the fried chicken yet.

Roy Roger’s roast beef kicks Arby’s ass everyday!

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Really? If so, then how come Arby is everywhere, and Roy is not?

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Good question - but it isn’t for the lack of a good roast beef sandwich!

Sorry NotJrvedici, Didn’t try the fried chicken yet, but it definitely looks good (not greasy) and they are pumping out a lot of it every time I go.

Don’t bother with the fries, baked potato, or mac and cheese tho, not worth the calories. Baked Apples are alright if you are looking for something sweet.

As far as Arby’s vs Roy’s Roast Beef, I’d vote Roys Every day of the week. It comes down to the Texture. For me it comes down to the texture. Arby’s has a meat texture that is sort of like a pressed deli meat that has been heated up. Roy’s still has grain left in it and has some bite. Plus if you like, they will give you a side of the Au Jus.

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I preferred Arby’s for the roast beef and horseradish sauce. They also had roast beef on an onion roll. I boycotted the place for more than 10 years after getting food poisoning at one in State College PA while in college in the early 80’s. When I finally felt comfortable going back, it was as good as I remembered it.

At Roy Rogers, I preferred the Double R burger, basically a cheeseburger with a slice of smoked ham on it.

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