Round the World Dining. . .6 stops...where would you go?

Thinking of doing this next year …out of LAX, Honolulu first…Shanghai, Saigon, Singapore, Melbourne and then Cusco, Peru and then back to LAX…

List is subject to change but I like my list. . .what would your list look like?

Keeping to your six stops and assuming this is a fantasy trip, therefore all destinations are safe to travel to:

San Francisco
Kuala Lumpur

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San Sebastian
Chang Mai
Hong Kong.
I should be going to the ones in Asia next year.


New Zealand ( Fly fishing )

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You may wish to take a copy of this with you.

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Is that your book Harters ? That’s awesome .

Aloha John!
Man, miss you from CH!!

Love your eclectic mix of places!

LA has really stepped up their game in the last 5+ years…
It rivals some of the best food cities in the world with fantastic ethic hole in the walls.

Shanghai is supposed to rock it in the Asian world…

I’ve been wanting to do a food crawl in LA for a few years now. Esp. Korean.

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Not John’s book but if you’re of a certain age and British, the reference will certainly make you smile.

LOVE New Zealand and the 2 islands are like a National Park and I’ve always wanted to go fly fishing but I would do the catch and release but standing in cold water with those waders on in nature, sounds like friggin’ blast!
Plus, the Steinlager on draught is outstanding!

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You should do it Cath. .
See where Jonathan Gold fave 100 eats are in LA.

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Keeping with the original poster’s concept of mentioning cities, rather than countries, and with the added benefit of living and eating in the SF Bay Area . . .

Returning to Cities I’ve Loved Dining In (and have more places to go):

  1. San Sebastian
  2. Paris
  3. Madrid
  4. London
  5. New Orleans
  6. LA

Visiting New Cities:

  1. Chiang Mai
  2. Tokyo
  3. Melbourne
  4. Shanghai
  5. Lima (Peru, not Ohio)
  6. Copenhagen

'Fraid not.

As paprikaboy indicates, it’s something of a spoof. Back in the 80s (?) there was an advert for Yellow Pages (do you have Yellow Pages?) which featured this old guy trying to find a book. He walked round loads of bookshops without success before using the Yellow Pages to ring round. The punchline is that he is the author.

It was a monumental success of an advert. So much so that, at least once a month, I’m still asked if I’m the fly fishing guy - even from folk who cannot even have been born then. I am J M Hartley, not JR.

Some while after the advert, an angling journalist decided to write the book. It’s assumed that Hartley, a retired school teacher, has written his memoirs about fishing in the 1930s.

It’s actually quite a nice read, even though I’m not an angler. I used to leave the book out on the coffee table when we had visitors, to see if I could fool any of them. Generally, I could.


Hmmm that is tough - if I had to pick only 6 cities . . . going around the world . . .

San Fransisco
New Orleans

I feel like I’m shorting the Middle East, Africa, New Zealand, and South America but looks like my first pass would be in the Northern Hemisphere . . . not sure why that is . . . .

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There are so many options, however Toyko is the one place that would be on any list I made if dining was a major focus.

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Good call uni on Tokyo. .
Sushi heaven…

Solid list Jason…
Headed to Vegas end of May…wooo hoooo!
That is an easy place to put on a list of great cities with incredible food.
Hitting up Bardot Brasserie…and of course, lunch at Lotus of Siam…:tongue:

Here’s the list Cath!

You know, I just double-checked my list, was surprised I left Vegas off my list, and then remembered why I did . . . it’s not that I’ve eaten at every great place there – I haven’t, but it’s close . . . that, and because I’m there 2-3x a year, I sort of take the place for granted.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo