Rotisserie Chicken

we have three ‘chain’ supermarkets available - plus, at a 60 miles roundtrip drive… Costco.

all offer rotisserie chicken. the local stuff is so salty I find it essentially not worth buying/eating - and I have no sodium restrictions…

DW informs me (me of low surfing intel…) that Costco is “famous” for its rotisserie chickens. bought one. yes - it is superb and mega-levels better than the local offerings.

carcass is currently simmering for chicken noodle soup.

anyone else have similar reactions?


I find Costco chicken way too salty. I bought it maybe 3 times. I no longer am a Costco member. Maybe it depends on location or region.

The national chain grocery stores have similar salt levels, that are too salty for me. I don’t have restrictions but I hate having to drink glasses of water after a salty meal.

Some smaller grocery stores and Portuguese churrasco places serve much better takeout rotisserie chickens, that are less salty.

Could try soaking it in water before adding to dishes that will simmer, I suppose, as one does with feta or salted cod!

indeed - must be a local thing.

the Costco chicken was seriously less salty that our local chains.
“less salty” to my personal point of 'yo! good chicken here…"


Whole Foods has good rotisserie chicken.

And as I recall, their basic one has no salt at all.

sandwich., I just had this conversation with a friend who also said Costco chicken is too salty. He said Wegmans is better. I don’t buy rotisserie chicken so I have no opinion.

It’s been a while but I had to try the Costco rotisserie chicken after reading so many raves about it. Kudos to the value at the time… It was cheaper than the local market, but a bigger and meatier bird. But i found the taste to be similar to the local market bird, and the texture of the meat was strangely mushier. Was not converted, and never cared enough to try another bird.

If Costco was a 15 minute walk, like my local store, I may try it more often, but it’s certainly not worth the 20 minute drive.

Puzzling to hear about salt complaints on costco chicken. As far as commercial products go it’s definitely on the less salty side. I think it’s salted pretty appropriately for what it is. As far as the taste goes it’s just fine, what makes it incredible is the price.

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I live in Canada, and all the Costco chickens I’ve bought (maybe 5, at 2 different Costcos in Ontario) have been too salty.

Our Costcos have a completely different selection of products than American Costcos apart from the Kirkland products and some brand name products.

The prepared foods vary a lot, I suspect.

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I once forgot a whole Costco rotisserie chicken on a lower rear fridge shelf for, IIRC, about two weeks. I opened it, thinking if it wasn’t TOO putrid, I’d pressure cook it for my cats and dogs. It smelled and tasted fine, a tribute to the amount of salt used. Though I use very little salt, I do like the Costco bird. Mine doesn’t offer them, but I once read that since they use lots of rotisserie chickens’ breasts in their chicken salad, pot pies, and soup, some Costcos sell the “mastectomied” rotisserie chickens at a reduced price. Great deal if you prefer the dark meat and make your own stock.

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