rotisserie appliance vs combination air fryer/rotisserie

at some point we had a $100 ronco rotisserie oven in our kitchen and it made really good chicken, better than what one can buy in a store. It eventually broke and I replaced it with an even better rotisserie appliance which sat on our weber charcoal grill.

Now that we live in NYC, I’m thinking about another ronco rotisserie oven but one of my foodie friends swears by a sur la table air fryer/rotisserie combo unit. He says the air fryer makes better fried wings than a restaurant but admits he has no frame of reference for the the rotisserie attachment.

anyone have an opinion? a for purpose rotisserie or a combo air fryer/rotisserie?


I still have a very capable rotisserie for my back yard gas grill… but if I was gonna buy an indoor one I’d look for a vertical one, because it not only does chicken well, you can do shawarma, kebobs, and more (plus they take up less counter space).

Unfortunately, I don’t have a brand or model I can recommend first hand. Hopefully some others can weigh in here on that, or check online reviews (I seem to remember the SortedFood YouTube channel tested a reasonably priced model they pretty much liked).

thanks, that sounds like a great idea! How do you know the vertical appliances do as good a job as the first gen models? I’m concerned I’m gonna buy something and it’s not going to live up to expectations…

Well… they’re essentially the same thing. A turning mechanism with electric elements on one or more sides.

The advantages of the vertical ones is that you can not only hang a chicken, but kebobs, satay (or any skewers), plus a vertical spit for stacked meats.

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That SLT appliance looks pretty compact, and I like that it has 2 trays for baking, which is something I was specifically looking for, and is not easy to find in a compact apartment counter use appliance.

I was also trying to maximize internal space to external footprint, which is another pain in these things: for eg Breville drives me crazy on this front, as does Cuisinart).

I ended up with this thing which also came with a rotisserie that I have yet to use – and so I stopped by to say nothing useful in response to your question, but to thank you for saying that the rotisserie on these small things is actually usable, because now I’ll try it :joy:

some of the reviews mention the slt only accommodates skinny chickens, dunno i’ll probably think about it for a couple of years and make a decision.

also, i bicycled up to costco this week and we had our first costco rotisserie chicken. pretty good for $5…not sure an indoor appliance can do much better.