Rosie Carrabba's Houston

So I went for the requisite Christmas copout gift card but also an olive oil carafe for a present and was quoted 30-40 for a new one which they no longer carry.

I dropped some coin on mussels, alfredo, wine and a $100 gift card so the manager comped me a used one which the Wifeacita turned into new condition, free gift numero uno.

Free gift #2 was some Roger Clemens 8x10 glossy autographed Astros World Series photos he brought me after a phone interaction at work.

Say what you will about The Rocket but his son Koby called on Christmas Eve looking for a product. I told him to thank him again for the photos he said he would after he returned from Texas Children’s Hospital giving out presents.

He also came in one day and dropped 10 large on product for his foundation and tipped the fellas 100 bucks for loading it into his truck.

I ate at the pasta bar at the Voss location but it cannot come close to the Kirby pasta bar.


Great recollection! Thank you for posting.

Koby. Is. The. Property. Of. The. Detroit Tigers.

Full of anticipation for his debut in the Bigs.

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I’m a little confused about the seqence here, you ate at Carrabba’s and the manager gave you a free carafe. Who gave you photos, manager, father or son? Haha! Seriously though, I’m trying to see what happened in this apparently awesome three way interaction.

Sorry about the confusion, I was taught to be more concise in English classes.

Dad Roger Clemens gave me the photos. The photos and carafe were two things that fell into my lap allowing the Wifeacita two more things to unwrap from under the tree. No I’m not cheap.

Her main present was an air fryer which, even with my connections, required a trip to the dreaded US 290, a huge sacrifice on my part, not her only present.

Does any body have any air fryer suggestions?

Speaking of 290, is the Gulf Freeway to Galveston still a hot mess?

Our alternate 288 to Surfside and the Red Snapper Inn to Galveston looks like a disaster for at least two years.

You seem to be a Tigers fan, good for you. As a kid I was a fan of a number of Tigers, Norm Cash, Al Kaline, Mickey Stanley, Dick McAuliffe, Denny McLain, Mickey Lolich and who else am I leaving out.


Willie Horton. Speaking of famous Willies, I once saw Willy Mays hit one half way up the tunnel at the Astrodome, dead center was 406 feet, it had to have gone 450.

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Ah two different events. Makes sense. What air fryer did you get? I’ve no more room for kitchen stuff. A friend reviewed them some time ago but I’m sure they have new and better products now.

“Does anybody have any air fryer suggestion?”

I thought about ordering one of those air fryers The commercials make everything look actually fried. But the online reviews were mixed and I knew deep down that hot air really won’t fry food or even come close to it. Guess it just depends on what you expect out of it.

You forgot Bill Freehan. The Tigers stud Catcher.

Very sadly he’s living out the end of his life suffering from dementia. But he lived the life of a hero before falling ill.

I can’t believe I left Bill Freehan out, a true favorite. Then there was Jim Northrup.

When I was in elementary school they would wheel in a cheap black and white tv and two classes would get together and watch the World Series during the day for you young whippersnappers, no prime time or hdtv and yes shown at school.

1968 Mickey Lolich 3 World Series wins, Denny McLain 31 and 6, that will never happen again.

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I watched Don Larsen’s Perfect Game the same way, sitting on the floor in my elementary school Multi-Purpose Room. Simpler times.

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I read up on them before I bought one. I consider myself to be a master fish and shrimp fryer, terrible at chicken.

It’s essentially a small convection oven and I have no expectations about frying but I’d like to throw

a hunk of cod or catfish or some chicken in especially during the summer when even some frying heats up the kitchen, heck it’s going to be in the 70’s this week.

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This is all coming from a guy in Houston, as a child and quasi adult.

Edited for horrible spelling.

A Cuisinart, it’s gonna be a tight fit but we’ll make it work. I got it for almost 1/2 off with my work discount.

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My elementary school in St. Louis wasn’t as baseball friendly, surprisingly, since St. Louis was in the match two of the 3 years my family lived there, '67 and '68. But they did allow transistor radios on the playground at recess, and kids would skip to go to day games. If I recall, Harry Caray was calling the Cardinals on the radio back then. Good times at Busch Stadium.

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This is surprising as St. Louis is arguably the best baseball city in the country. I was there in 1968 visiting my uncle. We went to the local shopping center and took the Red Bird Express bus to the Cardinals game where the Giant’s Willie McCovey hit a home run while I was waiting in line for a hot dog.

That was the second worst concession/restroom break I took at a sporting event.

The Cards and Houston go way back as the old Houston Buffs were the AAA farm club for St. Louis. The great Dizzy Dean played here.


We missed out getting to this one:


GREAT READ! Thank you for posting it here.

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Da nada. Stan and Biggie’s seemed more a real restaurant than most jock-branded places where the “signature burger” at the top of the menu usually “boasts” bacon and cheese.

Haven’t made it here, but it’s a possibility if in the neighborhood – adult beverage program distinguishes it from most places with framed jerseys, and we’d be a bit disappointed to find one prominently displayed here: