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We’ve got Drew Brees’s Walk On Bistreauxs moving in to the Houston area from Louisiana. The food is surprisingly good.


He’s got quite a few of these scattered around.


Website indicates an improvement over the hackneyed jock-branded sports-themed place. (Noticed a Landry is involved.)

So, we once received from a college classmate a copy of Sports Illustrated in the snail mail that featured the “25 best sports bars” with attached Post-it snarkily remarking to the effect: "You’d likely know about this . . . " We sadly confessed that we’d been to at least 10 . . . and reported back, giving names.


Not sure if he is related to the Landry’s founders but that chain is now owned by restaurant magnate and Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta.

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Landry’s is Tillman’s corporate HQ. all
All his restaurants are owned by Landry’s Inc.

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Planning to open more around here. I ate at the Baton Rouge location last summer. The menu says everything is scratch made. The RBR was pretty darn good.


They’re even opening one in Edinburg, the Rio Grande Valley for the uninformed. That’s a driver, three wood, and a 4 iron from Mexico but I’m a big hitter, long.

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You’d have to negotiate a more formidable water hazard to get to this jock beanery:


I saw his last appearance at the Shell Houston in 2009, he didn’t do great but made the cut, plus some Paddy Harrington and Angel Cabrera.

The highlight was watching Phil Mickelson and Fred Couples who finished 3rd and could still bomb it.

Mickelson hit the ball so far on one I lost sight of it.