Rory’s Pub, Sea Bright NJ


Yes Neil Michaels is on greg’s turf. I’ve always wanted to try it but never have

(Greg Caggiano) #22

Neil Michael’s is about 5 minutes away. I haven’t been there since it was Shore Cafe. They were pretty good. Expensive, nothing standout. They did, however, make a nice gift card donation when the hockey team I was coaching was doing a raffle for Hurricane Sandy relief, so that was much appreciated.

(Tom T) #23

Rory’s, the two times I was in, was solid. Good beer selection too, iirc.

Have not been in RedZone, but I’d be pleasantly surprised if the burger was anything to write home about.

I miss Reginas. I’m blanking on the name of the son that was the trained chef but when he was on and having fun there wasn’t much better Italian food south of Central Park.

OT: Are you still coaching, Greg? My kid grew up playing in the area and is now playing juniors up in NY. College next year.

(Jeff) #24

No interest in Red Zone. I’ve heard too many negative things that even at 2 for 1 I’d rather not. Next time we meet, I’ll fill you in if you’re interested.

(Junior) #25

It would be physically impossible for me to drive there and be within that proximity of Christine’s AND Copper Canyon and go to Red Zone. Just impossible, my car won’t drive past 1st Ave. knowing I’m going to eat and not turn. Impossible. Even if I’m coming from the north, I’m not making that jug handle, I’m just going straight.

I know there is no comparison on food or price point, but that doesn’t matter. If I’m that close to good food I"m taking it regardless of price point.

(Greg Caggiano) #26

Not currently coaching, no. New job with different hours made it impossible. Coached from 2011-2017. Had a good run! LOL

(Tom T) #27

Just read through some of your blog, I enjoyed it…thanks. Your guest blogger was a high school teammate of my son’s. Good kid.

(Greg Caggiano) #28

Thank you! Oh yes, Hunter is great. A real character, and very passionate about food.

(David) #29

Me, if I am going all the way out to Atl Highlands, it is morning and I am going directly to Flaky Tart. It’s a shame Christine’s isn’t open for lunch.

(Junior) #30

If you go there in the morning give my buddy Ryan’s (used to be chef at Picolo Italia) place a try. It’s strictly breakfast and lunch and it’s call Hudson Cafe. (diagonally across the street from Christines in the Dr. Office building). Go hungry!! (Tell him I sent you, you’ll get a free banana)

(Jeff) #31

I don’t even want to know what this is code for


Only @NotJrvedivici and @seal know. And that’s probably for the best. :laughing:


(Junior) #34

If fish and chips is something you enjoy I strongly recommend giving their Wednesday night special a try! My wife like to order this and most of the places she’s ordered it I felt sucked. Rory’s was definitely a good dish!


Hudson cafe is the shit.