Rory’s Pub, Sea Bright NJ

Yes Neil Michaels is on greg’s turf. I’ve always wanted to try it but never have

Neil Michael’s is about 5 minutes away. I haven’t been there since it was Shore Cafe. They were pretty good. Expensive, nothing standout. They did, however, make a nice gift card donation when the hockey team I was coaching was doing a raffle for Hurricane Sandy relief, so that was much appreciated.

Rory’s, the two times I was in, was solid. Good beer selection too, iirc.

Have not been in RedZone, but I’d be pleasantly surprised if the burger was anything to write home about.

I miss Reginas. I’m blanking on the name of the son that was the trained chef but when he was on and having fun there wasn’t much better Italian food south of Central Park.

OT: Are you still coaching, Greg? My kid grew up playing in the area and is now playing juniors up in NY. College next year.

No interest in Red Zone. I’ve heard too many negative things that even at 2 for 1 I’d rather not. Next time we meet, I’ll fill you in if you’re interested.

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It would be physically impossible for me to drive there and be within that proximity of Christine’s AND Copper Canyon and go to Red Zone. Just impossible, my car won’t drive past 1st Ave. knowing I’m going to eat and not turn. Impossible. Even if I’m coming from the north, I’m not making that jug handle, I’m just going straight.

I know there is no comparison on food or price point, but that doesn’t matter. If I’m that close to good food I"m taking it regardless of price point.


Not currently coaching, no. New job with different hours made it impossible. Coached from 2011-2017. Had a good run! LOL

Just read through some of your blog, I enjoyed it…thanks. Your guest blogger was a high school teammate of my son’s. Good kid.

Thank you! Oh yes, Hunter is great. A real character, and very passionate about food.

Me, if I am going all the way out to Atl Highlands, it is morning and I am going directly to Flaky Tart. It’s a shame Christine’s isn’t open for lunch.

If you go there in the morning give my buddy Ryan’s (used to be chef at Picolo Italia) place a try. It’s strictly breakfast and lunch and it’s call Hudson Cafe. (diagonally across the street from Christines in the Dr. Office building). Go hungry!! (Tell him I sent you, you’ll get a free banana)


I don’t even want to know what this is code for


Only @NotJrvedivici and @seal know. And that’s probably for the best. :laughing:


If fish and chips is something you enjoy I strongly recommend giving their Wednesday night special a try! My wife like to order this and most of the places she’s ordered it I felt sucked. Rory’s was definitely a good dish!

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Hudson cafe is the shit.

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Went last night with some friends. Very mixed feelings. Sat outside and very nice atmosphere. Food was good , basically elevated pub grub. Reasonable prices too. Two issues: service was atrocious and the crowd was a bit too “eclectic” for my liking. Re service, the waitress was sweet but clearly overwhelmed, it took nearly an hour to get our first round of drinks while we sat at the table. We put in apps and drinks together and waited and waited.
Checked in after them several times to no avail. Seems manager or owner ripped our server for other issues at another table but never checked on us at all. Despite waiting 50 plus min for a beer we actually felt bad for the server that’s how over the top it must have been. But again knowing there were issues and we were largest table of the night instead of going off on an employee it may have been better to check in on us to see why after that time we were sitting at an empty table still. Manager stopped by about 15 min before we left(about 2 plus hours in) and at that point we just wanted to leave and were still feeling too sorry for our waitress to complain at that point so that was useless. The auctioning of dishes and lack of silverware is to be expected to some extent at a “pub” but still a bit much along with incorrect app out of 5 and all mains coming out st different times.
The food when it did come out was good. Cpl burgers, chili, tuna bites, wings, chicken fingers, and quesadilla were all good to very good. Apps were ok. The Irish nachos while good, were as jr said , just shy of excellent -felt like it was one thing away from being a home run.
Re the crowd. I get it’s the shore and it’s a “pub” but it would be nice if during a full dinner service at 830/9 more than 2/3 of the spot was not dressed like a slob. It’s a sit down restaurant with servers. I’m not saying everyone had to be dressed to the nines but when more than half the joint looks like it just crawled out from under a bridge it puts a damper on the evening.
Total with tip was about 40 per person so not too bad $$ wise. Not sure if we’d go back despite food being pretty good. Maybe we’d try again for lunch but not sure, the service was that bad.


One of the first adjustments I had to make in my brain when I moved down here from NNJ was the fact that I am always a little overdressed compared to everyone around me. And trust me-I’m not getting dressed up. We’re at the beach… I don’t think (unless you’re at Nicholas) you’re going to find people “dressed. “

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Trust me., I get it. I know we were overdressed but you can still look presentable in tshirt and shorts. Like you said down here it’s more laidback. These people legit looked like they slept in their clothes for a cpl days and came straight to Rory’s from a flophouse. I get it’s the beach and it’s a pub. I guarantee the folks at Donovan’s were dressed like a gq cover compared to here. Management made no effort to segregate families/diners from drinkers/smokers either. Just total breakdown in management. They don’t know what they want to be it seems; a drinkers respite or a place people actually go to eat. When the only person I noted that appeared to be over 25 was the manager who apparently lit up one of the young girls who happens to be our server , it screams That it won’t be organized at all and lo and behold it was a sh$tshow.
A more experienced team would have done a much better job. We were there for almost 3 hours and only got two rounds with our food bc that’s how long it took to bring two rounds and actually deliver our meal… We had planned to stay a whole lot longer after eating but bailed since we were fed up.


$hit$how is the word I was thinking of before I saw it in your latest post! Sounds like they’ve got to make a choice… I’m certainly not interested in finding out what they do after reading all of that.


I feel like a schmuck for picking the place now too.
I saw the reviews here and I figured it would be good. But looks like the busy season is too much for them. Oh well. Oddly enough I chose this over victory park tavern bc I though we could hang out here after eating. Tbh by time food was over we we ready to scram.

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