Rory’s Pub, Sea Bright NJ

If you haven’t seen the “Let’s Flap Our Wings” thread our friend @corvette_johnny suggested we get together here for their half price happy hour specials. (Mon & Tues only) The original plan was a wings only menu however once we got there that plan went out the window.

To start let me tell you I’ve passed this place hundreds of times over the years and not once paid it a moment of attention. As the matter of fact as I was walking in I was thinking to myself: “what the heck did CJ get us involved in”. Once I opened the door and looked around the place was pretty nice for primarily a bar /pub, clean decent seating and an overall cool vibe, lots of TV’s and even a rather inviting out door courtyard. (weather permitting)

We ordered 4 orders of wings to start (10 wings per order) $10 regular menu price so $5.00 happy hour. Buffalo, lemon garlic, jamenson bbq and Asian zing. The wings are fried and fairly meaty nice sized wings, all the sauces were very good with the buffalo being the weakest in my opinion. Not that it was bad but just straight Sysco buffalo sauce nothing special about them, as @seal put it very “pedestrian wings.”

All the other flavors were very good but each just slightly lacking from being excellent. The Asian had nice ginger flavor but no “zing”, the lemon garlic decent lemon flavor but a bit shy on sauce, the jamenson bbq was good but no strong jamenson flavor.

As I said the wings were 80-90% away from being excellent. Again for the price I feel like a hypocrite complaining at all.

We decided to try something other than wings so we ordered:
Truffle fries, NJ Buger, Fish and Chips and some nacho style waffle fries. I’ll tell you what for a “pub” I’m hard pressed to complain about anything, the only “problem” would be the burger we ordered medium rare and it came out medium well. Still delicious, honestly a great burger with pork roll egg and cheese on a great bun. Served with Old Bay Chips which @seal insisted were from a bag, @corvette_johnny bet were made fresh, the waitress said CJ was correct!!! (for losing the bet we will be announcing the first HO tattoo party where we will gather and eat and drink as Seal receives the tattoo of CJ’s choosing)

The fish and chips were better than many others in the area, namely The Beach Tavern which sucks. Waffle fries were good and the truffle potatoes were very good as well.

All of the above for $76 (tax no tip) including 5 drinks. (Also on happy hour special)

A few highlights of the night, Seal apparently eats his wings meat and bone. Yes when we were counting wings Seal definitely was missing some bones, straight down the hatch. @BossaNova under the assumption of unspoken but understood threat, that if they didn’t change the Irish music to Johnny Cash something “bad” was going to happen. Lastly was @corvette_johnny insisting that our waitress who was on her first day on the job actually got he job by winning a wing eating contest. Interestingly enough she never actually denied it.

Let me just tell you all after having experienced a few meals with these gentlemen, just sit back and be quite, no need to say anything, these guys do all the talking.

This might be a diamond in the rough, I can say I will be back for sure, and you are nuts if you don’t take advantage of this Monday & Tuesday happy hour specials. Another good time and very good discovery, thank you gentlemen!!

(Typed on my phone my thumb is numb will re-read and edit tomorrow, for tonight you get the point )
Only one pic.


Definitely a good time and the “price is right”

The half price menu has the entire menu half off…pretty cool. This is some decent pub food and I really can’t complain about the value here.

Some plus notes:

Good waitress and she was brand new. She told us it was her first night. It was kind of dead but she was charming and not intimidated by four devilishly handsome guys like us! Lol

They have some decent beers on tap and a few of my favorite brewers were represented (Kane, carton and dogfish)

Ample bluecheese. Had I been alone, I would have been pulling a George Costanza and double dipping the hell out of the celery and carrots. This place gives you some substantial sized dressing containers and a nice amount of veggies. I can’t stand going to places that serve you a thimble full of dressing.

The TV situation was spot on. It is loaded with tvs. Granted nothing good was on, but they set this up nicely.

Our high top was spacious and comfortable.

Music was not too loud and pretty much 100% Irish. It fit the theme.

Overall, I had a good time with some great HOs.

I’d like to give it a second round and try some chili and some of the stout stew Dave wanted. Next time I think I’d bring a bottle or two of hot sauce to jazz up the wings a little. I’ve been into gringo bandito lately and this would have turned these wings up a notch.

I’d recommend this spot to check out during their winter half price menu.

Now I just need to figure out what kind of tattoo Seal needs :smile:


Apparently I have too much time on my hands this morning…

“Definitely a good time and the “price is right””
“Now I just need to figure out what kind of tattoo Seal needs :smile:


I think the corvette racing Jake skull would be my choice! I’ve got one in my ride. It looks badass lol


Rory’s was better than I expected and I would return when looking for a place like this. I liked the Asian Zing wings a lot but wanted more zing. Perhaps that could be requested next time. I really liked the burger and the Irish nachos and the fries were way above average for a place like this. Like CJ, I really appreciated the generous amount of carrots and celery that came with the wings. The service was good and while it was pretty empty being February (this being the reason for the half price menu no doubt) I liked the general atmosphere of the place. The company was of course top notch and it was a very enjoyable night.

While it was not specified at the time I think the forehead would be the perfect spot for that tattoo.


What can I say that hasn’t been said? Except maybe where the three of you can stick that tattoo… :point_up_2:

What?? That’s the second finger? Well, you know I mean it with love.

As always a good time was had by all. I urge anyone who wants to eat on the cheap to check out Rory’s on a Monday or Tuesday when the entire menu is half price.


So now we go full CH–did you tip on the 1/2 price or full price? (i.e., $15 or $30?) Just curious.

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We left a total of $ 27 pp so $ 108 total or 42% of the check. (except I think @BossaNova and @corvette_johnny paid $ 28pp since I didn’t have change) So yes we tipped off what the full amount would have been.


I just couldn’t resist introducing tipping into an HO thread . . . just too little of that topic here :sweat_smile:

Especially since I can ignore NJ threads and be relatively sure folks in the industry will always tip appropriately.

ETA: This is an on-going discussion with sis & bil–he says 20% on the bill; she says 40% when the menu is 50% off.


Do you think you would have enjoyed this at full price? Have you had the Tommy’s grilled wings up the street? Some of my favorite wings but I very much enjoy the fried, saucy wings too. The last time we tried to go to Tommy’s it was a holiday Monday (MLK Day) and we got there at 2 PM. They told us it would be nearly an HOUR WAIT for 2 and a baby. I wish I knew this place was a decent option since we would have gone here. We ended up at the Beach Tavern which was better than expected.

Speaking for myself I would absolutely pay full price for everything we had. That’s why I said I feel like a hypocrite in the original post complaining about anything at half price. Someone (maybe CJ) said during our trip there he would absolutely walk the two blocks from Tommy’s to here when Tommy’s is slammed. Their outside courtyard area seems like it would be nice place to chill during the summer too. (unfortunately no water views)

I’ve had many hundreds of Tommy’s wings (if you count the red bank location too. ) they are indeed great wings. You may know this, but it is now urban coal house in red bank. They have a special bar menu that offers wings for 8 bucks and a few other dishes like a personal pizza. I usually get a pizza and wings for 16

Keep in mind they run this special in the winter so it will be going away. I’m hoping to get another round or two in before it goes away. Hopefully these fine gents want to do another round and try some other dishes too.

I also want to try the balsamic parmesan wings and coconut shrimp.

Damn, if the website is correct the special menu is gone. It was only good until the end of February.

Well next year I’m going to try to make that a routine stop if they run that half price menu again.

That is sad news. Next year for sure.

Jeff if you’re in the area I’d be game to try the “buy one get one free” cheeseburgers here on a tuesday.

The red zone burger looks pretty interesting.

@gcaggiano have you tried the burgers here? I’m a barnacles and pourhouse guy myself but I’m always down to try some other places.

Never been to Rory’s. Not yet, anyway.

I was actually referring to red zone since you’re in atl a lot

Nope, never tried them either. That building seems doomed for failure. Seems like that’s the third or fourth business that has been there since I started working in AH 7 years ago. Never anyone in the place and their menu is very, very generic. Even for a sports bar. In my humble opinion.

Well in fairness Walter Mihms Steakhouse was there for several years and he sold to his chef and it became Neil Michaels Steakhouse. They did well enough they moved north on 35 and took over a larger space that had been there for several years (name escapes me) and is still in business.

Yeah that location is awful. Back in the day reginas pizza was good but after that you’re right, it has been tough.

I want to give that red zone burger a try though. I doubt it will hold a candle to my local favorites, but you never know I guess.

If you want to try a good local burger, believe it or not, Ciafullo’s has some 12oz burgers with a boat load of steak fries. I get it with gorgonzola and bacon or American and bacon. Barnacles is a better deal with atmosphere, and I love the cheddar sauce. However, you have to deal with the crowds. For a straight quick lunch, if you are really hungry, this burger is damn good and they will cook it rare if you like that.