Rome recommendations

Il Tempio di Iside - is our favorite for seafood in Rome.

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Many thanks - looks good!

Antico Arco (2017) was quite excellent

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Thank you - booked!

Rome Report
Thank you all for the advice and recommendations - we have just returned from our trip and thought i’d offer a little feedback. Obviously, we couldn’t try all the recommendations and were somewhat limited by opening availability and the days we were available especially being there during the holiday period.
Sunday - Antico Arco
The place was pumping! What a delightful evening, attentive staff, classic cuisine with a few twists and a great view over Rome from the nearby park.
Monday - Tullio
Might be past its prime. Service perfunctory, the food was alright but nothing special and prices had more to do with its reputation than value - a little disappointing.
Tuesday - Brillo Restaurant (via della Fontonella)
A recommendation (not from HO) which i wish we had overlooked. Wanted a simple casual evening and we got simple alright! Very poor service, torn/worn menus and very average food. Seated outside (our request) constantly worrying if the numerous paswsing cars were going to hit us or the adjacent wall.
Wednesday - Babette
Probably our best meal in Rome! Great attentive service, interesting menu with excellent food in a delightful courtyard setting - thank you ninkat for the recommendation.

Roscioli Salumeria was high on our list to try but a reservation proved too elusive. so many places still to try so can’t wait to return! Thank you again to all for the advice in making our trip so memorable!


Glad to know Babette is still good! It’s been a while since I have been, but going to be in Rome for T’giving with a cousin who has never been, and thinking of doing Thanksgiving dinner there. Nice big menu, lots of delicious things to choose from, as I recall.

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Ooh, I wish I had made it to Babette, where I’ve never been. I was in Rome the week of Ferragosto, and had good meals at Antico Arco, Cesare al Caseletto, Salumeria Roscioli, and even Pizzeria Emma (where I’ve had some uneven experiences in the past–not this time). Really enjoyed a cocco-maracuja-cioccolato gelato from Otaleg too.

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