Rome walking food tours

I know it’s “touristy” but I have always enjoyed them. Anyone else?

I usually do “private tours” with husband and adult kids, but this time I’m going with my sister and looking for a “small group” of 10-12.

I know I can look at TripAdvisor and Viator, but I wanted to try another way. I’ve found these.

Devour Tours- Rome Street Food

Small Group Rome Food Walking Tour Trastevere Campo de Fiori Jewish Ghetto Rome

Gourmetaly Food Tours

With Locals 10 tastings

GET Your Tour Guide Trastevere Roman Food Guided Walking Tour

Elizabeth Minchilli’s daughter Sophie runs food tours in Rome.

Katie Parla offers tours, too!


I’ve not done any walking food tours (anywhere…ever), but I have gone to a wine tasting event at Vinoroma, which I highly recommend. Looks like they also do some walking food tours. I feel like Vinoroma used to post on the CH Italy board but don’t hold me to it.


We had a very good experience with Eating Europe a few years ago. Nice group of people and I believe those who run the tours are all locals.

Like you I have a group going in a few months and we are going to do it again for the benefit of the first timers. This time around Sophie Minchilli was booked but she recommended Gabi at Divita Experience. We will be using him in late June.

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For the life of me, I couldn’t remember vinoroma’s name and couldn’t find her on my IG feed when I was making arrangements. She seems like quite a (good) character and wish I would have reached out to her as well.

I respect both Vinaroma and Katie - if I chose to do a Rome food tour, which I never have, it would likely be with one of them.

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This thread so reminds me of my time in rome
A vacation with my sister ,bil. Nephew 2013 . I loved rome only there for a couple days .
My sister had everything planned .
Im not that into the sight seeing. .
So anyway a planned private tour of the Vatican for my nephew and i . Francesca was a art major and fabulous. But after 4 hours i was dying . Planter faciiutois was kicking my ass . Limping back to the hotel room. My sister asked me how i liked it . You know . Not . Meanwhile she was in a fight with her
husband for getting pickpocketed… He wouldn’t listen to her .
I would do this all over again . Good times.


I’m very new here but would like to add if I can.
I’ve done a wine tasting with vinoroma and would highly recommend. (Confirming that she used to post on CH). I’ve also done food tours with Eating Europe, LivItaly & my first was with Elizabeth Minchilli. I would recommend most of them but truthfully found the Minchilli tour the least value for money. It had the priciest base cost plus an additional cost for lunch. My tour was many years ago though so the structure may have changed. I have not tried the tour with her daughter.


Welcome, and thank you!

Love food tours, I’ve had excellent ones in Lisbon/Barcelona and Valencia. Don’t think they’re “touristy” at all tbh.

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