Roegels BBQ Houston

After two visits the food ran from pretty good, to just okay, to virtually inedible.

Pretty good was the moist brisket and the turkey. The turkey is about as good as it can get without it being roasted in the oven with the glorious crispy skin.

Just okay and maybe a little better than that was the spare ribs served St. Louis style. I prefer the whole rib like they do at City Market in Luling and Roegels’ isn’t close to being in the same ballpark.

Also just okay was the pork belly which The Wifeacita has had before elsewhere and she thought it was good but didn’t taste like pork belly. I’d never had it before and thought it was, well, just okay.

Virtually inedible was the Thursday special pastrami Reuben. The pastrami was so salty it was pretty much all you tasted. The salt overwhelmed the meat and there was no taste at all of Russian dressing or sauerkraut. I ate less than half.

The Wifeacita is a genius with leftovers so maybe she can rehab this disaster.

It looks like if I want a good Reuben I’ll have to do it at home as I make a pretty good one.

I got there at 10:55 and there was six people in front of me and left around 11:25 so I spent around fifteen whole minutes with my food by the time I ordered.

The place was slammed when I left with a line halfway around the building.

Maybe I’ll come back for a sandwich.

Caveat emptor.

Oh, there were no side orders. I do not believe in sides at BBQ places, the neighbors north and east can do that.

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I agree in principle, most are canned afterthoughts. But I do love the sides at Swinging Door. Housemade potato salad, not Sysco made. Fresh green beans. All good.

Still my local favorite.

I’m very sorry to hear that about the pastrami Reuben I’ve been really looking forward to trying that.

I’ve been a couple of times. While I wasn’t wowed, I didn’t have anything as bad as you report. I think the pulled pork was about the best. Like you, I don’t care much for St. Louis ribs.

And I did try some of the sides but could do without.

The Pit Room, Gatlin’s and Pappa Charlie’s are better choices to me.

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A lot of people were ordering the Reuben but most weren’t.

The Wifeacita wants to try the pulled pork and she’s never been there so will give it a try.

I’ve been to Gatlin’s original location but not the other two you listed and the ribs and brisket were quite good. I just couldn’t past the tortoise like service as the guy in front of me ordered a small to go box and I had a two meat plate to go and it took 25 minutes with four people working there.

I never went back.

Tell me the newer place isn’t so turtleish and I’ll probably return.

I’ve been to the new location twice. The first time I went during the lunch hour during the week and got the door open and saw the line and turned around and left. Second time was about 2 pm on a Satuday; there was a line but I stayed. The wait was not as bad as before; this time it was due to a customer who couldn’t make up her mind. I think the problem before was the matriarch of the family at the only cash register who wanted everyone to feel like family. I read somewhere they hired someone with restaurant experience to run the operation and improve efficiency in both the front and back of the house.

I like their pulled pork. It may be the best I’ve had in Houston.