Roasted tuna recipe?


Years ago on a Tahitian island in a fancy French restaurant, I had a roasted tuna that was very well cooked, tied with a string and it was excellent. The meat fell apart (like a very well stewed meat) and there was no pinkness. It was not dry at all. I’ve searched but not found any prep remotely similar so here I am inquiring if anyone else is familiar with this method. ??

(ChristinaM) #2

You could try oil poaching, which I bet would provide similar results. You want to keep it as moist as possible when cooking to well done.


I did find that method and wasted a good piece of tuna trying it. Was awful, worse than canned tuna! Thanks for the idea though.

(ChristinaM) #4

That’s really strange. Sounds like…sorry…execution error. Did you overcook?

(saregama) #5

Was it roasted with other things?

I used to like my fish cooked through, but tuna was always an exception - it so rarely flaked without being dry.

If you didn’t like it poached it oil, try it en papillote with seasonings & vegetables added - cooked either in the oven or steamed stovetop.


Here’s a method that sounds like it might yield the results you are looking for although I suspect you would want to season it differently.



I wonder if the loin cut may be too lean even cooked in oil. Maybe the belly with more fat would have worked better but not easy to find