Ripening Avocados

Please elaborate on how you get avocados to ripen at different times if they’re all the same hardness to begin with. :thinking:

Maybe a couple in the basement, a couple on the counter, and a couple on top of the refrigerator for different temperature zones?

Not sure about Presunto, but when I buy avocados (or get them from a friend – we are in SoCal after all), I get ones of differing hardness. So I get a couple to be used within a couple days, a couple that can be used in 4-5 days, and then some that will ripen after a week or so. If you buy them all of the same hardness, they will all ripen around the same time, so I vary what I buy.


Exactly what Boogiebaby says. Otherwise it’s too much to eat in a short time.

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Lucky you. I use the same selection method when there ARE avocados of varying ripeness. Usually, though, they either all rock hard or all soft. I don’t have a basement to use the location-ripening method, but our garage is often warmer than the house so I might try that next time. Seems like more subtle variances in the kitchen (counter, paper bag, pantry) don’t really get results.

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There was an oven ripening tutorial that went around last year. I was very suspicious of it.

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You can throw a couple in the fridge and that will retard the ripening a few days.


I don’t have any special methods. I have a fruit basket on my kitchen counter. They go in there. If I notice they are ripe and I don’t need them yet, I throw them into the fridge, which slows the ripening process down.


I use @boogiebaby’s technique too. And, to minimize bruising, i test for ripeness by pushing in the stem.

Same process here, including transferring to the fridge. Would like to mention that if you do use the fridge, I find it’s a lot easier to mash on toast if you let it come to room temp first.

I do it by putting some in the fridge and some on the counter.

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