Rice for fried rice-brittleness

Something I’d never considered, and I’m curious about your experiences or your opinions. You know how cooked rice gets brittle in the fridge when the cold dries it out, and then it makes good fried rice because it’s not a mushy mess? Do you think you’d get the same results if you cooked rice in broth or some other flavored liquid? I can’t think why not, but there may be some alchemy at work of which I’m not aware. Otherwise, might this be a way to add even another level of flavor to fried rice?

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I rarely do fried rice as I prefer my sauced proteins over plain steamed white rice (although that may change based on an experiment later this week.)

But I do make white rice and flavored rice (with broth and/or veg purees) fairly often. I can tell you that the flavored rice dishes fair much better the next day or two than plain steamed white rice… so this may be something to consider, especially if there is any fat in what you flavor it with. Acid and sugars may also affect it but I just don’t have the experience to weigh in on that.

Not being a fried rice aficionado, I prefer a blank canvass to start from.

I often cook rice in broth rather than water but I rarely make fried rice. I can imagine it would add a layer of umami.

You go through the same process of putting the rice in the fridge overnight to harden and dry the rice.

Sometimes, when I’m in a hurry, I used freshy cooked rice. Use slightly less liquid to cook to have drier rice, much easier to stir fry.

I’ll give it a try this week and report back. I have an abundance of asian scented beef broth, and I thought it would be nice to cook the rice in it, but fry it later and give it a crunchy rather than soft texture…

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Agree . I’m just not a fried rice fan . Never liked it .

You don’t want to use flavored rice to make fried rice.

It destroys the balance and depth that’s imparted by the wok hei.

It’s also why people generally do not flavor their pizza crust, unless of course you’re doing your best impression of Dominos or Pizza Hut.

Interesting. That’s the kind of feedback I was hoping for. So let’s not call it fried rice. Let’s say I would like a beefy flavored rice, but instead of eating it soft/mushy, I’d like to have it toasted with crunchy bits. I’m not really planning to add much to it as I fry it, save a few sliced scallions. Does that change the equation?

Sure, that would work.

But then I suppose you’re sort of making the sordid love child of Bibimbap and paella socarrat.

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