Revival Cafe [Cambridge and Somerville, MA]

Continuing the discussion from The Usual Suspects [Greater Boston, MA] about Revival Cafe:

Went back yesterday for another crack at the breakfast sandwich. While I’m still loving Revival on the whole, I just can’t get over my disappointment with what they’re calling an English muffin. It’s shiny on top and really more biscuit/roll hybrid in my opinion. I’d like it, if not for being unable to stop comparing it to those glorious English muffins of yore from Crema. I’m also not sold on the egg situation: they do a very scrambled (ie homogenized) egg in a square shape. I might say it’s microwaved in a little mold? I miss a yolk in an egg sandwich, but maybe light and fluffy is your thing. Anyways, I’ll be moving on to pastry tasting in the near future. You’re welcome, happy to take one for the team.