Revised! NJ HOdown - April 2018 Please take the survey!

For those who haven’t been reading the thread about Old Bukhara, a bunch of us are interested in trying it together, so I’ve put together a TWO-question survey to gauge interest and timing. Please take the survey here:

The restaurant serves Uzbek cuisine (think kebabs, hummus, baba, etc.)


Once I have a statistically significant response, I’ll post the results and we’ll make it official. Tagging @MsBean @joonjoon @NotJrvedivici @seal @BossaNova @gcaggiano


Any chance for more date choices?

Let’s see how those two pan out first…trying to keep my head from exploding. :slight_smile:

We had dinner at Old Bukhara last night. During a lengthy conversation with the young man who took care of us, he told us that on Saturday nights, the place is a madhouse, and the noise level is extremely high. Also, there is live music that no doubt adds to that. So you might want to consider this when taking the survey.


How are you determining statistical significance? What value are you using for p? Are you using the standard formula for determining the proper sample size?


When do I find out if I passed?

When I figure out what p is. :rofl::rofl:



This will definitely throw off the calculation


Sorry, but we can’t make any of those dates and I prefer lunch and the wife prefers dinner if that helps. :smiley:

I can’t make either, either.

I picked a date but am open to other options. I can’t do 4/21.

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I am looking forward to some “deeply fried” fish, “jeez” and “home lays”.

Sorry, read the menu online and thought those were funny.

I won’t vote yet. I can’t make the 7th but don’t want to screw up the survey.

Too Late

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Due to a NUMBER of direct messages I’ve received, I’ve REVISED the survey and potential dates. Even if you already took the survey, please take it again because we WILL settle on one of these two dates. And…go!

Btw, this thread has had 140 views. 140! There aren’t 1/4 of that many of you who have chimed in…please do.

ETA: @seal or @NotJrvedivici Can one of you please update the title of this thread to say REVISED SURVEY - NJ HOdown, etc. ? Thx

I just tried to retake the survey. It told me I already took it and wouldn’t let me.

I also got “You’ve already taken this survey” message.

What are the revised dates?

GRRRRR…sorry! And here I thought I was making it easy for all of us.

NEW AND IMPROVED! Everyone should RETAKE the survey here: