Reviews of recipes cooked from Jerusalem!

Hi all! This is my very first post ever on a cooking site and I am very excited and happy to be here!

Jerusalem is one of my very favorite cookbooks, and I’ve cooked a decent number of recipes from it. I’d like to cook nearly every recipe (aside from desserts due to dietary restrictions). I would love to hear about your experiences, favorites, suggestions, etc in regard to the recipes. I think it would be helpful to others to accumulate this wisdom on the site, so here’s my input:

Baby spinach salad with dates & almonds
Perfection!!! Every time it’s made we devour it between the two of us, and never make it to the main course.

Puréed beets with yogurt & zaatar
I really enjoyed this. Will make again, feels healthy for me!

Roasted cauliflower & hazelnut salad
Very nice, made a number of times.

Butternut squash & tahini spread
Not sure why exactly, but didn’t enjoy this at all.

Burnt eggplant with garlic lemon & pomegranate seeds
Too watery, my mistake I’m sure, must try again.

Swiss chard with tahini yogurt and buttered pine nuts
Very enjoyable.

Conchiglie with yogurt peas & chile
Very tasty, yet felt heavy after eating.

Basic hummus
Very nice.

Hummus kawarma with lemon sauce
Delicious!!! Great non-dairy game day type snack–we like it with taro chips.

Yum!!! I was bothered by how much I enjoyed this and how addictive I found it. The onions are labor-intensive.

Too labor intensive for what it is, though not bad. Quite grease, heavy.

Cannellini bean & lamb soup
I really enjoyed this!!! But, trust me when I say it’s best for a cold day!

Lamb-stuffed quince with pomegranates & cilantro
Too sweet to make often, but nice.

Stuffed eggplant with lamb & pine nuts
We really love this one!!!

Roasted chicken with clementines & arak
We really love this one too!!!

Chicken with caramelized onion & cardamom rice
We really love this one!!!

Saffron chicken & herb salad
I think this is a great weeknight meal if you make the sauce ahead and use rotisserie chicken from the store. Also highly recommend it with crispy shallots or onions!

Kofta b’siniyah
Tasty, enjoyed it a lot.

Beef meatballs with favs beans & lemon
I had very high expectations and was mildly disappointed.

Turkey & zucchini burgers with green onion & cumin
Also had very high expectations and was mildly let down, though it may have been due to dietary restrictions–I did have to modify the sauce quite a bit.

Fish & caper kebabs with burnt eggplant & lemon pickle
Very much enjoyed this, nice blend of flavors.

Cod cakes in tomato sauce
I have no idea why but I didn’t like this, my husband did.

Prawns scallops & clams with tomato & feta
I liked this a lot!

Salmon steaks in chraimeh sauce
I love this!!! Use the sauce with any fish, such as the meat off of free fish heads!

Marinated sweet & sour fish
I love this!!! In our rotation.

I tried to use my exclamation points as a sort of rating system. I feel like I just laid my heart bare to you all.