Review: Gangy 300 Can Opener

A review of Gangy 300 can opener, manufactured by 新考社 made in Japan. It is a static can opener with no moving part. The going price ranges from $5-15

I have decided to get a new can opener as my OXO smooth edge can opener has started to lose its cutting ability. More importantly, I have ran into a few cases where the Oxo can opener cannot handle odd shape cans. For example, if the can has a straight section, then the rotating knob will block itself by ramping into the can.

The Gangy can opener is not to replace the Oxo can opener, but to give me more choices. The Gangy can opener works quite easy as the following. First, lock at the edge of a can. Second, punctuates the can by rotating the opener and leveraging can edge.

Just simply going around the can in clockwise motion

Strengths: 1) Easy to use, 2) Cut well and does not require much force as it may seem, 3) Easy to clean and dry, 4) Take up little space. 5) As @Mr_Happy has pointed out, the smaller hole is a bottle opener.
Weakness: A) Cut lid and cut can are sharp (see above photos), B) Can opener has an exposed sharp edge.
*the demonstration video by Korin on youtube shows a less effective way in using it. He was trying to cut it in counterclockwise. It is much easier to do it in clockwise.


Nice review, I have one of these too and it is compact, easy to clean, and very easy to open cans with as you mention. I hang it on a hook on a side of my fridge with the pointy side facing inward to avoid cutting myself. As a bonus, the smaller hole in the opener also functions as a bottle opener.

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Yeah. I didn’t know that until I read/watch more reviews. I should have mentioned that. Let me edit it a little

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Nice review, Chem.

This thing looks to me to be a much larger/handier version of the US military’s tiny P-38 opener.

Thanks. Initially, I was looking at another style OXO opener, but a few more internet search lead me into this. Yeah, the same cutting motion as a P-38 can opener.