Restaurants Lost to the Pandemic................NJ Edition

Credit to @CurlzNJ and @Susieqq3 for thinking of starting a thread for the restaurants here in NJ that we have lost to the covid 19 pandemic. Sadly a local favorite Modine (see post below by Susieqq) was the first to go.

The first of which sadly may be many restaurants has closed for good.


Didn’t someone mention At the Table in Asbury Park also closed?

Edited: Just found their FB page and they did indeed close for good on March 1, 2020.

Here’s a good article from NJ Monthly regarding Modine’s closure. it was the investors choice to close and they were losing money way before the pandemic.


Yeah they had closed before the virus hit.

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See what happens when you start making demand for new threads without doing your due diligence!!


I’m pretty sure he meant THEORETICALLY, but sure —blame me!

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Scotto’s on Route 79 in Matawan is closed. They announced it as a retirement, but I can’t help but think COVID-19 had something to do with it. (I can remember when their location was Palmer Video, before Blockbuster was a gleam in anyone’s eye.)

It was Covid induced retirement, he was looking to sell for the better part of a year.

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Another one of my favorite restaurants, Technique, in Westwood, has closed :frowning_face: At least Chef Ross gets to spend more time with his family.


I feel his pain…good luck to him.

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This is purely morbid curiosity on my part since the establishment & me parted company some time ago.

Main Street Bar & Grill in Ocean (35, by the circle). They appeared to be circling the drain before the plague hit and I haven’t heard anything about or from them since.

Used to love the place - now I’m waiting for a professional makeover/takeover.

I will pour one out for this place, which served me whiskey sours and strawberry daiquiris when I was well underage. (I can’t believe my drink orders didn’t give me away.)


I have no idea what will happen to the Staten Island location but …

:crying_cat_face: Add Alphoso’s Red Bank location to the list. They just made it official, dammit.

And apologies for my earlier enthusiasm when I heard they were thinking about reopening. Guess they thought about it and just said no.


Where did u hear this? This is tragic. I so loved this place.
I’m guessing the rent in that spot is just killer bc they seems to be doing well.

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They said they were having a hard time finding employees to fill both locations and instead wanted to make sure one store, at least, survives. The fact that they used to be profitable in Red Bank didn’t matter in our new world.

Another one bites the dust. Six Brothers Diner, 5 minutes from me in Little Falls just closed. The major construction around Routes 46 and 3 killed business. It was hard to get into. COVID-19 didn’t help any.

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Wooooow. I guess between construction and Montclair State being online they really didn’t have business! That’s a true shock.

One of my favorite restaurants, not operating at all during the pandemic, is asking patrons to buy gift cards to support them. As much as I’d like to help, it seems a bit risky. I mean, the gift cards will be there if/when they reopen.

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