Restaurants I go back to Tu y Yo Somerville

I have been going here mainly due to the Seated App that gives you a discount if you use it for your reservation. The food is surprisingly good, and I really enjoyed my visits. The carnitas didn’t make it into the blog post, but I’ll go for them the next time they give me an additional $5 in rewards. Free parking as well.


Great report, thanks, everything looks delicious. I think I went there once long ago and really liked it but it is very far from my beaten path.

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Counter views here:

Of course, these are older experiences, and it’s possible the place has improved recently. The pictures taken by @Ferrari328 do look encouraging, as do his descriptions.

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We loved Tu y yo years ago…20 years ago? was fantastic, authentic moles and they made their own chipotles in adobo. I have never been to Mexico but I have cooked from Bayless cookbooks and others for decades with the complicated mole recipes. It takes a lot of time and ingredients and the result is well worth it.

Then something happened and the food became much more “Americanized.” We asked a server and she said basically that people didn’t like the more authentic dishes and so they had toned down the recipes. The food was bland and overpriced and there seemed to be many fewer people there then in the “spicier” years.

I haven’t been back for many years since that last disappointing visit. The photos do look promising and I hope they have returned to the more authentic style. Thanks for the post, Ferrari!

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Hmm. I’m a bit skeptical. I appreciate Ferrari’s contributions but my instinct is that any restaurant giving 23% back via an app (as was mentioned plentifully) might be a bit on the desperate side. Plus, free parking? You mean on-street in Somerville? I stand by my assessment.

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I’m sure Grill 23, Troquet, Tuscan Kitchen that is on the app are really desperate.