Restaurants around Moscone Center

Need to find a decent place that’s not too far from Moscone center for a work dinner in a couple weeks. Haven’t been to SF since since Sept 2019 where we had drinks at the Tonga room and dinner at Mister Jiu’s.

Number of people/price range/formality level/dietary restrictions?

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Thanks I saw that a couple days ago. A friend suggested Marlowe and I also made a reservation at Zuni although it’s kind of a hike from Moscone.

4 people, no dietary restrictions (I hate mayonnaise does that count?) and something nice for a work dinner related dinner.

Zuni is great and a classic. Mourad, Tadich Grill, and Angler could all work, too.

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Zuni and Mourad were great the last time we were in San Francisco (2019). Kin Khao is great for Thai, though it is noisier and not quite as conducive for a business dinner

The Cavalier

Prospect, Mourad or Boulevard

Zuni is a classic, but yes it is a fairly long and not particularly pleasant walk from Moscone. If you don’t want to walk all the way there, you can take the Muni Metro from Powell station two stops west to Van Ness station, or the F streetcar that goes up and down Market Street.

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Thanks everyone. I just made a reservation at Mourad. It’s close to conference plus I’ve always wanted to try the chef’s Moroccan food. Tried to go to Aziza for years when I lived full time in Bay Area and never made it.


Hope the meal goes well! Would love to hear how you felt about it afterwards.

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We had our dinner at Mourad last night. First time back to SF in almost 4 years and that was strange but was great being back on the streets of SF. We had a reservation at 6 and snagged a parking place right in front of the restaurant so that was good.

There was 4 of us and we started with warmed olives, asparagus with a really interesting strawberry sauce and an eggshuka with milk bread.

For mains 3 of us got black cod with a Moroccan curry and I got the lamb with beetroot, English peas and green zataar. We also got a side of roasted potatoes with a kind of bernaise sauce.

Liked all the starters and black cod got a thumbs up for everyone. My lamb had really interesting sides and the rack was good but there was a piece of lamb on the plate (supposed to be 3 different kinds of lamb but only identified two kinds) that was very over cooked and tough. So that was odd. Potatoes were good but kind of boring. The big plates to share looked really interesting-would have loved to get the chicken tagine or short ribs but no one wanted to share…it was good but very expensive and glad it was on an expense account. I probably would have liked bolder spicier flavors but all in all it was tasty.


Thanks for reporting back – glad it was good and did the trick, but good to know about flavors being not bold enough.

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