Lunch near the Moscone Center for a large party [SOMA] [San Francisco]

Hello, we will be in San Francisco for 5 days. We want to take out a large party (14) for a Monday lunch within a short walk of the Moscone Center. It doesn’t need to be amazing, but decent and crowd pleasing. The last time we did something like this many years ago, we went to Zero Zero but I see it has closed. So after doing some searching and reading through reviews and menus, I am wondering about Delarosa or Oren’s Hummus. Your thoughts are welcome as are any additional suggestions.

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I think that most people (myself included) find the food at Oren’s Hummus to be of reasonably high quality. It’s somewhat fast-casual in feeling, but it does accommodate a lot of different dietary restrictions.

You might consider dim sum as well. Yank Sing is probably the closest (but also somewhat more expensive than normal).


I had a very solid meal there recently. place is a gem.

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Thanks. I had called Oren’s, but they couldn’t guarantee fitting us in. So I went with Delarosa, which could. I know it is probably only OK, but the most important thing is to guarantee a booking for the large party that can accommodate the various dietary preferences. Personally we’d love dim sum, but we have to take into account shellfish allergies and pork aversion in our party. Someone else had messaged me about Fang, which I’ve had to rule out for similar reasons.

On my own, my wife and I will get to try some different things. We have reservations at Benu, Marlena, and Kin Khao. We will also probably visit an old favourite Swan Oyster Depot.


I think Delarosa is fine, especially for a large group since pizzas and such can be easily shared. It’s run by the same group (Back of the House) that owns Beretta, a Mano, Super Duper Burger etc.


Have you had your event yet? First, I don’t think zero zero is closed (It wasn’t 2 weeks ago), but could be wrong.
Have you tried Montesacro on Stevenson Lane? It’s not far from Moscone but the food is gorgeous and it’s a good location. I think they also have another restaurant closer to Moscone in the old Mint, but not sure the name of it. Good luck! Denise


We just had our event. I’ll post a more detailed review soon. Delarosa worked really well for our purposes.


OK, here is my more detailed report on the large group lunch at Delarosa. Overall we were very pleased. The restaurant was busy, but not too noisy for conversation. Service was friendly and unobtrusive. And the set menu was safe enough for those with dietary limitations, while interesting enough for the foodies in the group. We were able to choose 3 appetizers, 1 salad, 2 pizzas, 1 pasta or main, and 1 dessert. Everything was served family-style for the table. Drinks could be ordered individually. Total food cost per person before tax and tip was $51.

Roasted cauliflower in bagna cauda, with Calabrian chilis and herbs - perfectly cooked and lots of umami.

Creamy pureed green fava beans on crostini, nicely accented with pecorino Romano and mint.

Light and fresh burrata crostini, sweetened with honey and topped with hazelnuts - also very tasty.

Salad of kale with chunks of red and gold beets, avocado, sprinkled with goat cheese, sliced almonds, and farro, in balsamic vinaigrette - appealing to the eye, lots of variety of textures, and a nice balance of flavours.

Mezzemani pasta with tomato sauce, eggplant, smoked mozzarella lumps, basil - thought this would be a bit tame, but it was great - perfectly done pasta, tangy sauce and lots of smokiness from the cheese.

Bartender pizza: tomato sauce, fennel sausage, burrata dollops, little olives, Calabrese chilis - thin crust with nice char and craving-satisfying heat and salt from the toppings.

Funghi misti pizza - wild mushrooms, taleggio, thyme, marinated onion, Parmesan - fun mix of mushrooms and a good counterbalance in flavour to the other pizza.

Tiramisu - a fine version of this safe crowd-pleaser.