Restaurant recommendations Montregie and Lanaudière

In a month or so I am planning a trip to see the places my recent ancestors were from. One branch was from Lanoraie and Berthierville on the northern shore of the St. Lawrence a bit downriver from Montréal. The rest were from the central part of Montregie, i.e. Tracy, St. Hyacinthe, St. Denis, and a bit father east to Yamaska. Any suggestions welcome.

On our way to Quebec City late April, we spent a night in St. Hyacinthe. Cant really recommend any restaurants but we would recommend staying at Le Dauphin. Very friendly.

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I haven’t been since pre pandemic, but Montregie is one of the wine regions and so there are maps and lists more readily available than many other places.

We decided to explore east (from Montreal that is) my last trip, but we came back via Montregie - had a lovely meal and picked up goodies; it was a bit of (very enjoyable) bumbling about.

I was just looking at the map because I did not keep track of eats on that trip very well, but I believe we tried to eat at to Fourquet Fourchette mostly for the lovely waterfront location, but they took so long to seat us that they had stopped serving the lunch menu while we waited. So we continued through town and ended up at a tiny place called Le Garde-Manger de Francois that was pretty much perfect for what we wanted. We had a lovely meal at a little table outside, and bought a bunch of things to take back to Montreal and back home too.

(While I was searching for what looked like where we did eat, I came across this other place that looks pretty adorable too. But there’s a good bit of that in the whole region - it’s lovely.)