Restaurant Openings, Closings and News - NY/CT/LI - Winter Edition

If you like burek, they are very good there. I stopped by a couple of weeks ago and was pleasently surprised . I usually buy them in Paterson/Clifton NJ or make them myself (I call them gibanica).

@liza2199 Where is the burek you’re referring to? There is a place in the Bronx near where I work that’s supposed to have great burek that I’ve been meaning to stop but haven’t gotten there yet.

I’m sorry I was referring to G & G Euro Market in Yorktown. It just opened, and I made a road trip there the other day. Nice to find European (eastern) goods in Westchester.

Hurricane Wings in Hartsdale is closed. Signs in the window say Cameron’s Seafood is coming. Seems to have several locations in the northeast. I checked out their website and looks like they are known for their Maryland crabs. Don’t know if this is a sit down restaurant. Seems more like catering and takeout.

If you are referring to Tony and Tina’s on Arthur Ave., I can vouch for them - the burek are FABULOUS.

That’s a bummer - we’ve been there a couple of times and enjoyed the wings, although the rest of the food left something to be desired. There aren’t a lot of decent wing places around here as it is, so that’s really too bad.

Agreed, we really liked the dry rub Cajun and salt and vinegar wings there … so good.

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It’s called Tradita.
They have a pizza menu and then a bunch of Albanian specialties. Times review link below.

This looks amazing! I wish I had known about it when we were house shopping - we looked at several places in the neighborhood. I might have convinced DH to stay in the five boroughs!

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I’m going to miss Hurricane too. I loved that they let you combine flavors and heat levels. It fit the bill when the lines at Candlelight were too long.

It may not be gourmet but Buffalo Wild Wings lets you get different flavors on a single order.

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Crave in Poughkeepsie has closed. The following is from their website. It appears that they will be reopening as something else since one of the owners responded on FB that existing gift certificates would be accepted when they reopen.

After serving the Hudson Valley for the last nine years, with heavy hearts we have decided to close Crave Restaurant & Lounge. The staff and I have been honored by all those who have dined with us over the past years and greatly appreciated our business. Like great stories there is always a beginning and an end. We are just starting a new chapter !

Stay tuned and follow our social media for more information and updates!

In terms of new openings, we recently tried Luka’s Italian, located in WP where Ernesto’s used to be. Interior is comfortable, high staff numbers — good service but some still getting used to procedures. Food, in general, well prepared with the exception that there seemed a general overuse of salt. We were with another couple, who agreed with us on the salt issue (especially the friend who ordered the soup.). Otherwise, good salads, properly cooked seafood, pasta.

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I love their mushroom burger, where the cheese oozes out. Beats anything.