Restaurant Openings/Closings NY/CT/LI Spring Edition

Buffalo Wild Wings in Port Chester has closed. They’re the final chain that was on that street heading into Costco to have closed – Panera and Applebee’s preceded them (it’s unusual for any of those chains to close a location) and the Asian place at the corner also closed. Obviously Port Chester is a great restaurant town, and presumably these places were expecting to get business from movie goers and that didn’t work for them. I wonder if the movie theater is also hurting for business? Also, having Wing Stop open across the street obviously did not help BWW’s business.

Bona Bona ice cream (Madison Kitchen) is opening a place over there, based on an Instagram post from a few months ago. I wonder how it will do? I thought it was going into the corner where the Asian place was, but I saw a different “coming soon” sign in the window when I was at Costco earlier this week.

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Has anyone been to Tauk Kitchen in Armonk? Looks cute.

I pass it all the time. It looks very beachy. Its small. They have an outside but I have heard they do not yet have their outdoor liquor license. If you go, let me know how it is!

Just saw a notice for a new place in downtown Yonkers by the owners of Tacos El Poblano - called Dos Marias. From what I saw online, it looks like it might be slightly more upscale than Tacos El Poblano. I’ll report back when we check it out!