Restaurant News (Westchester/CT/LI) - Fall Edition

Well, many restaurants have come and gone from this location - I can remember Heathcote Tavern, Bartholemew’s - oh, so many. Well, apparently the restaurants are gone. It is now a very pricey coop!! I’m talking $1 - $3.5M!


For the last 15-20 years, that location seemed jinxed for restaurants. I wonder if a co-op will fare better. I also wonder where the parking would be.

Good question. The place is beautiful though.

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As mentioned on the HVRW thread, we are waiting to hear about the Sleepy Hollow outpost of Farmer and the Fish in Purdys. The Purdys one wasn’t particularly memorable to me but Sleepy Hollow is close to me so I’m very curious to see what it’s like.

FWIW - just saw this

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The original restaurant was the long lasting Piedmont Inn. Can’t imagine why anyone will choose to live there- nice view of the gas station,and the corn they grow, does look rather nice. Other amenities - a high priced specialty market,a mediocre deli,couple of laundries,oh a wine store- that must be the reason

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I just read the update on Lohud:
I’m dying to try Dale Talde’s resturant…I’m such a huge Top Chef fan!

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I thought Dales place opened a while ago. He is very talented. Not a huge fan of going to that mall though!

So eastern side,lower Westchester can look forward to a gluten - free Mediterranean/ Mex or granola. My mouth is just watering . YUMMEE, no wonder i’m not impressed with local restaurants :frowning:

Hudson Farmer and the Fish is open as of last night. They are accepting reservations for parties of 4 or more. I may try to stop by tonight-- will report back!

So 251 Lexington in Mt. Kisco is gone -already. I think it may have ,add it a year. Something called Stone Fire is opening. That location has not had a successful restaurant in 25 years.

Was this the same location as The Flying Pig years back?

Yes. I think that was the most popular in the location.

There was an Italian place there for a while that I really liked. I remember having a business meeting in their upstairs room. They had a decent lunch menu, too, as I recall. still shows “Coming Soon”.

I wonder if that refers to the restaurant or the website.

Yes, was that Cafe Nosidam? Before that it was a fish place, I think.

One would hope that the website would be updated when the restaurant opened. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the mall, but it wasn’t open when I was last there. Plus I’m sure there would have been something posted at Lohud when it opened.

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Burrito Poblano on Main St. in Tuckahoe has reopened after seven months of renovations. For the next few days it is cash only and no booze. But they will have a full bar starting in a few weeks, not just beer like before. Prices have gone up a bit, and they are still hiring staff. Right now they only have the senior server / manager from before.