Restaurant News (Westchester/CT/LI) - Fall Edition

Burrito Poblano: Been twice now. The 20-40%+ increase in prices is just a bit too much, especially since the quality seems to have gone down. A bummer since it is the nearest Mexican restaurant to me but I guess New Rochelle or Yonkers will have to suffice. I’d rather drive than pay too much for mediocrity.

We had a previous discussion about Sparks steak in Yorktown Heights. They have changed their name already. Here is the updated story.

The former Ernesto’s location (Post Rd., WP) is being renovated, signage indicating Luka’s Italian Cuisine is coming.

I was over at BJ’s yesterday and noticed that they had changed their name. I wonder if there’s more to it than wanting a more local identity. Like being sued over the name, since the change on the building is not very professional looking for a place that charges what they do (they replaced the letters for “Spark” which were attached to the building with a tacky looking sign).

And the website still does not have prices, FWIW. And while someone posted photos of the bar menu and drink list on Yelp, there’s no photo of the food menu.

Yes, I noticed that too. No prices. The owners have some decent credentials “They also worked at other iconic NYC establishments such as the Rainbow Room and Colicchio & Sons.” Not sure if I’ll try it or not. I’d like more info. If the steak is great I don’t mind paying a higher price but I don’t want to be the guinea pig!

So, now we know. The former 251 Lexington (the number may be wrong) will now be a place called Stone Fire. It’s Italian. Nothing seems to survive there for long so we’ll see.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold