Restaurant News Summer 2018 [NY/CT]

Just read this - and it looks like Locali opening has been pushed back again.

  • Dave DiBari, the Westchester chef behind The Cookery and The Parlor in Dobbs Ferry is opening two restaurants; one in the former Cedar Street Grill space in Dobbs Ferry; the other in the space previously occupied by Q Restaurant & Barbecue in Port Chester. The concepts for both are under wraps so stay tuned to lohud for updates.
  • The former Cafe of Love space in Mount Kisco will be a Latin fusion restaurant and will open by early October. The as yet unnamed space will be run by the folks who own Hacienda La Paloma in Mount Kisco.
  • Construction has been pushed back on both Fattrice in Pleastanville and Locali Pizza Bar + Kitchen in Mount Kisco, the new food concepts by Mogan Anthony, the visionary behind Village Social with locations in Mount Kisco and Rye as well as Pub Street in Pleasantville. Fattrice, which Anthony has said will be like Chipotle, but based on grain with an abundance of healthy bowl options, may undergo a name change. Locali will primarily be pizza and salads like his Locali spot in New Canaan.
  • The Oath in Tarrytown has closed and will be replaced by Burgerology, a Long Island-based company. It’s not a done deal, but is 90 percent happening according to owner Eddie Galatoulas who runs the company with his wife, Georgia, and kids Maria and John. The full-service restaurant specializes in burgers, salads, sandwiches and shakes. This would be the family’s first Westchester location.
  • The Birch Collective in White Plains has closed.
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Exciting lineup!

I am surprised they call Mogen Anthony the vision behind VS. No mention of Joe Bueti. I wish they’d hurry and open Locali though!!

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From one pizza lover to another – I hear you!
I had a decent clam pie at Craft in Pleasantville over the weekend, by the way. Clams were super fresh.

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Lubins and Links in Tarrytown closed very recently. The owner had mentioned moving on to “the next step.” Sorry to see it go. I really loved their lubins (tender brisket) and the prices were great. I could satisfyingly feed my whole brood of 5 for under $20. L&L also catered my husband’s college graduation party (he went back to school and finished his degree in 2013). It was fantastic - friends still talk about that spread. (Funny enough - the other great place we catered from closed as well - Magic Wok in Pville - back when Alice Chen ran it & it was actually good!) Some of these closings tug the heartstrings. :frowning:

Not surprised with Birch. Last time I was there portions were tiny, food tasted microwaved, and my party felt invisible during the whole visit. The servers and bartenders gave the impression that we should be honored by their presence. Not with tiny wings and cold French fries under the poutine. Too bad. I really liked the place when they opened. Pick &roll soul restaurany is gone, too. Here are picks from my last visit at Birch. As you can see, the wing size was just sad. The poutine was soggy and cold. Another bites the dust. Wondering when WBC will bail. Las time i was there it was pathetic.

Some of the best pizza (recently) has been from the abeetz pizza truck. I’m very much a traditionalist and their pepperoni pie is very good. Also saw an article about Pelham pizza being 40 y/o. Their regular pies are excellent NY style slice joint - getting hard to find, but their sausage slice is exceptional. Large chunks of sausage (NOT SLICES) are strewn across the pie along with extra dollops of sauce. One slice is very filling. Abeetz has a web-site showng where they will be each day.


I went right for the Abeetz truck at the Burger & Beer blast a few months back on your suggestion. So glad I did. Fantastic. I enjoyed their white pizza as well. Definitely follow-worthy. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

We ate some decent Greek food this summer in Warwick, NY at Opa Greek Grill. The staff mentioned that they had more that one restaurant and that they would be opening in upper Westchester. I didn’t think about it again until I saw a post on another food forum announcing a new Greek restaurant “Opa Opa Fresh” that would be opening in Bronxville. To whom it may concern, you know who you are, sorry for stealing your thread, it wasn’t intentional … please feel free to share what is posted here.

They may already be in upper Westchester, it’s possible I got it wrong. This is not the Greek food of Queens or even Elia Taverna under it’s original owners, however it is not terrible. The restaurant will probably do incredibly well in Bronxville. I believe the menus in each location vary, it will be interesting to see what they do in Westchester. The prices in Warwick are fair for quality and quantity. I’m posting a link to the Warwick location to give you an idea

The red pepper spread was delicious, had a nice kick and my favorite

DH’s gyro platter was excellent the Greek fries although not traditional were delicious
not sure why his hand looks ginormous in this pic ew it doesn’t look like this in person

Beet salad with feta was good, the dressing a balsamic vinaigrette, was a bit of a let down
I prefer red wine vinegar, oil and oregano

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I tried Abeetz a couple of months ago and it was excellent. They’re at an office building on Pleasantville Road in Briarcliff Manor on Wednesdays. I need to get back there. Anyone else in the area free for lunch on Wednesdays?

They’re opening in Bronxville where Sammy’s used to be per the “other board”. Not quite “Upper” Westchester.

Oh wait, I see you mentioned Bronxville. Never mind :slight_smile:

I did not do a good job of explaining what I remembered of the information I was given, in the post above so let me try to clarify. I thought I recalled the owners and staff saying that they were expanding into upper Westchester, I was surprised to read that they will be opening in Bronxville because I lived in the neighboring village and I’m certain I would have remembered had they said they were planning on opening in Bronxville.
It is possible that they already are in upper Westchester, but under a different name. They may in fact have been planning to open another upper Westchester location. I think they mentioned that more than one family member owns/operates several different restaurants.This is the long version! I’ll ask for further clarification next time I am there, apologies for any confusion.

Bill - I wish I could. I work in the Bronx all week. Good to know we can get get an Abeetz fix so close! They were at Greeley homecoming last Friday. I was so excited. What a great idea - the students all flocked to that truck (for good reason). As always, the margarita was a hit.

What do you want to bet that they will raise their prices 30-50% for their Bronxville location?

Real estate in Warwick does not come cheap either … they will most likely adjust up or down depending on the current market regardless of where they go I suppose. The restaurant is being opened by the sister of the owner of Opa Greek Grille in Warwick, she owns other Westchester restaurants. The owner George was very nice on the telephone but was not as forthcoming as the previous people I spoke with so I did not ask him which ones. I will ask next time I am there as planned.
EDIT: It is nice to see something other than a bank or real estate office opening in Bronxville … this is a good sign

The only Greek place I’m aware of in northern Westchester is Lefteris Gyro in Mt. Kisco. There’s Santorini in Sleepy Hollow, and a place in Carmel, but that’s Putnam. There is a food truck called Pappi’s Mediterranean ( with a similar logo, so maybe that’s it. They were in Mohegan Lake for a while, but I never got there and haven’t seen them lately.

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So… it turns out that there is a new Greek restaurant in Yorktown (kind of embarrassing that I forgot about it since it’s where I live). Not sure if this might be the place they were referring to.

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Back to Opa Greek in Warwick today for lunch. Our first restaurant meal in what seems like ages as we have been doing a lot of cooking at home. DH had Greek fries :thinking: house made FF topped with mozzarella and feta and gyro meat with a drizzle of I think ranch as an appetizer and a gyro platter for his main. I had the octopus appetizer for my main and requested a small portion which I regretted after taking the first bite.

The fries which frankly sounded disgusting to me were actually surprisingly delicious and the octopus was probably the most enjoyable restaurant prep I’ve had thus far. Slightly smokey from the char grilling, perfectly tender with a light dusting of Greek oregano and moistened with EVOO. It was served with the most delicious bean and arugula salad that was dressed with if I had to guess, EVOO, vinegar, lemon, shallots, garlic … absolutely mind blowingly delicious, it was also a feast for the eyes!

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So did you ask where their northern Westchester location is/is going to be?