Restaurant News Summer 2018 [NY/CT]

(Gwenn) #1

Just read this:

We’ll see what changes, if any are made.

(Gwenn) #2


Thanks for posting, WCG. We haven’t been there in ages but keep meaning to go back. I will report back when we do.

(Gwenn) #4

Neither have we. We always do the Tap Room. But, as you know, we have been turned off by the service and prices. I will be curious how you like it.

(Bill) #5

Cafe of Love and Ladle of Love in Mt. Kisco have both closed. The Bronxville location of Ladle is still open. There’s an article today in Lohud.

We often ate at Cafe of Love during restaurant week (with mixed success, but my daughter loved their almond croissant bread pudding) but I found their regular prices to be extremely high.

(Gwenn) #6

That’s one closing that does not bother me one bit!

(Gwenn) #7

Finally!!! Locali Pizza will be opening in a few months in the Mt. Kisco train station - the former spot of Via Vante! The have had the space for a while and have had town issues with opening, but it looks like it’s finally time I’ve been to Locali in New Canaan and the pizza is very good.