Mobile pizza trucks in NYS/tristate area

Abeetz posted on Instagram that someone (in Scarsdale, natch) had them for a post-Yom Kippur break fast! Now that’s the way to do it!

I actually want to do a pizza truck post-dinner for one of my kids’ upcoming weddings (I wanted to do food trucks as the whole thing but that was not a popular idea). However, my daughter’s wedding is going to be 300 people (most not from our side) so that’s not happening. My son’s is going to be in Sparta, NJ and much smaller. I happened to find a pizza truck that looked excellent at a local farmer’s market when we were looking at venues. Sadly they were out of pizza when I got there so I didn’t get to try it but they were pretty reasonably priced (at least compared to Doughnation, I didn’t ask Abeetz what they charge). However, it turns out that the caterer has their own portable pizza oven that they can add for a reasonable price so we might give that a try.

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Sounds great. Congrats to your kids! If you want another good rec, Mario’s Woodfired Pizza in Mahopac (he caters many parties all over Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and CT with his mobile oven) is reasonably priced too.

Thanks. I’ve driven past Mario’s restaurant many times and saw a sign about wood fired pizza but haven’t eaten there in years. Did not know that they have a truck. I believe that Gleason’s in Peekskill also has (or had) a truck. If that’s true, I don’t understand why they don’t come to the Peekskill farmer’s market (not that I’ve been this year).

I don’t think any any pizza truck up here would be practical for Sparta, NJ (it took me almost 2 hours to get there) or Long Island. That’s why I was excited about the one I found at the NJ farmer’s market, they seemed to be on a par with Doughnation and Abeetz. She was even using fresh herbs which I don’t think either of then do.

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Was it Emily’s Hearth, were you at the Sparta market ? Emily made the bread at Bobolink when they were still in Vernon, she has a pretty formidable resume. The other girl in the photo is Jesse, she worked at bobolink as well, the cranberry walnut breadsticks were her creation. She is now making cheese which Emily uses on her pizza.
These photos were taken at the Warwick market, she is there and Sparta

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Yes! It was Emily! I spoke to her and asked her what she does the rest of the week. Apparently she has kid(s) and bakes out of her house. She wanted $950 for the first 30 pies for the after-party, which seemed reasonable (at least compared to what I was quoted by Doughnation when I asked a while back). I was very upset that she had run out of dough for pizzas, since I had driven past the market 10-15 minutes earlier with my wife and son but missed the entrance. So I dropped them off at a coffee place where we were meeting his fiance and her parents between appointments and said I was going back to find the farmer’s market. If I hadn’t missed the entrance the first time, I probably would have been able to get a pizza! I probably would have heard complaints from my wife and son, until we got the pizza :smile: .

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Her pizza is very special as are her breads … I see Jesse at least once a week if you need any info … One thing though, Emily’s pizza is not cheap!
You can find Emily on FB as well as Jesse at nonchalant cheese

Yes, I finally looked for her FB page - . Very impressive. What’s the definition of “not cheap”? The food truck pizzas I’ve had are in the $14-16 range. I assume hers aren’t more than that, although they might have been a bit smaller.

The caterer wanted $750 flat rate for their pizza oven, or I would have to pay them $150 to bring someone else in plus their fee. I’m sure it’s not going to be as good, of course, but it would probably be good enough for the vast majority of people.

I do apologize for hijacking this thread. But hey, it’s almost fall, so we’ll have a new thread this weekend!

Did she mention the size of the pizzas

She is probably still at the Warwick Farmers Market on Sundays, it runs thru November 18th. It is a lot closer to you than the Sparta Market and the town is a lot of fun. Also did you check out the Farmstead?

11" I believe, but she stretched them before putting them in the oven (although that might have been the post-stretch size).

That is probably a good idea. Is the Farmstead in Sparta? No. I was there to see two catering places and made my own detour to the farmer’s market. I see that the Warwick market is “only” 55 minutes from me.

Interestingly, my GPS wanted to send me down Route 6 to Route 94 to get there (I took the Bear Mountain Bridge to start). I decided that since I didn’t trust the timing and needed to be on time I’d go the known route via I-287. Next time we’ll go the other way.

We went to a pop up market in Croton and that mobile pizza place was there, Emily’s. As far as quality it was really great. We had a regular margherita type pizza and a creative pesto with delicious stinky cheese. I’ll try to find my post with details. We did get the sense that they hadn’t been doing it for long-- the ordering system was a bit disorganized and the wait was long. She could only do a limited number at a time (obviously) so people were getting frustrated. They did run out before the end of the event too although I don’t know if anyone anticipated how popular it’d be. Itsounds like she’s been doing it more now so hopefully any kinks have been ironed out.

Edit: I’ll break this discussion off into its own thread.

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Waze or google, much better than car GPS. The farmstead website pics don’t really reflect how nice the place is. From what I understand it is quite affordable, Lafayette, NJ is not far from Warwick.

Thanks but we already booked Rock Island Lake Club, which everyone liked (and was the bride’s family’s first choice). We also visited SkyView Golf Club but didn’t like it as much (for a variety of reasons I won’t go into here). They may have looked at Farmstead before we got involved, we only went for the last trip (and they had already been to Rock Island and wanted us to go see it).

As for the GPS, I was also using Waze and it wanted to send me the way I went. The GPS has a problem with time estimates when there are traffic signals involved - it tends to underestimate, and I wasn’t sure how many I’d hit going on the back roads and couldn’t be late since we had an appointment. The timing for both routes was roughly the same, anyway.

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Interesting… that’s at least an hour from Warwick. I didn’t get the feeling that she was as organized as Doughnation or Abeetz. As for running out of dough, I did get there after the posted end time of the farmer’s market, so I don’t blame her for running out (although I was obviously disappointed).

PS you should add something at the beginning of this new thread to make it clear that my first post was talking about Abeetz. Oops I see you did that :slight_smile:.

boule de fromage
Aged cheese, walnuts, cranberries, and sage. Available tomorrow at the Warwick Farmer’s Market and taking holiday orders for pick up at Meadowburn Farm or the Warwick Market.