Restaurant and Food News - Fall 2019 Edition (NY/CT)

Can’t believe Fall is upon us already! To start this thread I got some of the word on what will happen to Vox. The property was purchased by Jamie Dimon the CEO and Chairman of JP Morgan Chase. A drop in the bucket for him, I would guess! What was Vox will be an Italian restaurant, is what I am hearing. I don’t know anything more about it, but if I had my way it would be run by Shea Gallante, IMO one of the most talented around. His Italian Kitchen in Ardsley was my favorite restaurant. Hey, I can hope!

Good that you created this thread. Two big news stories today.

Peter Kelly has filed for bankruptcy, both for his companies and himself. Apparently he hasn’t been paying his taxes. Maybe it explains why Restaurant X looks so shabby (which is frequently mentioned in their Opentable reviews). It doesn’t appear that either restaurant will close.

Also Fairway in Nanuet is closing. Apparently there have been rumors about this for a while, shelves were not stocked and when I was there a few weeks ago I noticed that the fresh fish was on trays (and sparse) and not fully stocked on ice like it always had been. They say it’s because with the recent closing of Macy’s and Sears, the foot traffic at the mall is down and it was affecting their business.

I am so sorry to hear this, MB! I really like him. We have met him several times at Restaurant X - he always made it a point to talk to his customers. And I really admire him as a chef. When he had the place in Garrison with the wine pairings he offered a choice of two menues. My husband had a dairy allergy at the time and in those days, no one cared. They would serve a dry entree with no sauce. Peter did not make him order ahead - he ordered just like the rest of us and he made my husband a different sauce for each dish with no dairy. He is a gentlemen and a talent and I am truly saddened.

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Yes, I always enjoyed it when I got to see Peter at one of his restaurants (and was disappointed when he wasn’t there), he always greeted us like old friends. And that is why this is especially sad news. I hope he can come to some sort of agreement with the government so he does not lose the restaurants.

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I am beyond upset about this - Turcos in Yorktown is closing!

MB -
“The shelves not stocked”. Years ago, used to pick my father up at the train station. Killing time while waiting, I went into a supermarket right by the station- a whole lot of empty/ near empty shelves. So I asked if they were closing - " no, just didn’t get a delivery today". That night the place burnt down. They were so lucky to not have merchandise on hand. (LOL)

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From what I have read about Uncle G’s (as they are known), they appear to be an upgrade to Turco’s. Lots of fresh food (there is a job posting for Mozzarella Clerk on their website) and their produce is better. I always found Turco’s produce to be fairly unremarkable and they didn’t carry anything unusual (like ramps in the spring). Someone on a local board mentioned that they did not carry organic produce, which Uncle G’s does (and even lists in their ad). Sadly, it does not appear that prices will be any cheaper.

I wonder if Turco’s business had slipped any lately with the opening of the Decicco’s in Somers and Whole Foods in Chappaqua.

I think Preston just decided to retire. It seem he found a good place to take over, but I am worried about the things I go there for. Not so much the produce, but the home baked breads, the best brownies ever, the fresh turkey cold cut. Also, I love their spices.

Have you found ramps in any market? If so, where? I have never seen that but would love to.

Yeah, I can’t fault him for wanting to retire and it seems like he got a company known for operating good stores to buy him out. Better than selling to an unknown and hoping they keep up the same standards. And in terms of Yorktown, it’s great news to get an existing well-liked chain to open their first store in Westchester right here (although I’m sure it was less about wanting to open here and more that a store owned by someone they knew became available).

I have purchased ramps at Whole Foods, Fairway and Adams. Obviously not now, but in season.

Thanks! I have no Fairway, sadly. What is Adams?

Stopped by Turcos this morning. All staff are being kept on. For the most part they are happy, it some are waiting to see. Yes, glad he sold to a place with similar style, for sure!

Adams Fairacre Farms up in Wappingers (also in Newburgh and Poughkeepsie). It’s a grocery store but also has a large garden department. Great produce and nice cheese, meats, bakery and prepared foods departments.


After what seems like at least a year’s delay, Fatt Root has finally opened in Pleasantville where Pony Express used to be. It’s supposedly Asian street food from the people who own Village Social, Pubstreet and Locali.

Also, I read on FB that there’s a new Thai place in Briarcliff Manor in the Chillmark shopping center (with Acme and Yama Sushi). The name is Thai Plates. I wasn’t able to find a website or FB page.

Wow, I hadn’t heard they were opening another place. Thanks.

This was apparently based on pop-ups they had done at VS.

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On another note - have you been to the Turco’s replacement Uncle Giuseppes yet?

Yes. I don’t think that much has changed at this point other than the labels on stuff. I did see some really nice cauliflowers in multiple colors - white, purple and orange. They were $3.99 each but were HUGE. I’m not really sure if this was something that Turco’s had been carrying but I do not recall seeing them in the past (but I didn’t shop there very often).

Fatt Root’s website (but there’s no menu posted yet)

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I go once a week usually and I have not seen that before. Did they still have store made bread?