Restaurant and Food News - Fall 2019 Edition (NY/CT)

Yes, bread seemed to be the same except for the label.

Interesting that you had not seen the fresh cauliflower before, hopefully it means that the produce selection will be upgraded. I will be interested in hearing what changes you notice since I don’t shop there that often…

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Great - I love their fresh bread.

As a big fan of Charlie Palmer, I am excited that he is opening a place that’s not all that far - Rhinebeck. Not only is he a very talented chef, he is a really nice person. We had the pleasure of meeting him at his Healdsburg, CA place. I will probably do this at some point! Of course, the BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE CAKE warm with salted caramel, chocolate bourbon ice cream kind of helps!!

Sadly, not doing HVRW. In fact the only restaurant in Rhinebeck doing it is Terrapin.

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Menu is up! Thanks for the tip that it opened. Long time coming.

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Sadly, not doing HVRW

I was scared for a minute. I thought YOU weren’t doing restaurant week this time!

I think I’m missing something. All I see are pictures…

The website is too fancy for its own good. I don’t even think if I link to it it’ll work. Are you on a computer or your phone?

Does this work?

Yes, that works, thanks! Yes, the website is pretty but way too confusing.

No, I’m doing HVRW. I’m actually going to miss the one in March due to a poorly planned vacation (although I will be in Asia so I am sure I will eat well and relatively cheap).


Attended a conference at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in their brand new office building - which is now very convenient to get to by ferry. Amazing building, but they had only pizza served - which was nothing special; so, in the evening we went to 2nd Ave Deli for pastrami sandwiches- which turned out to be horrible (1/4 of pastrami that you get at Katz’s), cold and oily fries and only 2 pickles (one half sour which was good, the other just a plain dill that looked like it was left over from a week before). We paid $90 for two sandwiches and two plates of fries (??!!) I used to love going there. Very disappointing.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2