Resharp -- Automated Knife Sharpening Machine at Stores

I think this is the first time I’ve seen Harbor Freight offer a sharpening stone (on sale). Most of their adds are the same tired old items on sale.
For the record, I’m waiting for a sale on a Tie Rod/Pitman Arm puller, so I scan through the adds looking for it.

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Yes, but to be fair, you would also have link a bunch of anxiety provoking videos and some heckling from folks with experience.

For the record, everyone here has been quite patient :slightly_smiling_face:

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Me too, but for what you get it is ridiculously overpriced… so I bought a clone on eBay for a small fraction of the price.

Mine came with pretty decent stones, but have heard some come with really lousy ones. Even then, you can order legitimate EdgePro stones for it and still save a lot of money.

They promise a 1 week turnaround. That’s better than my old dropoff sharpener.

The Resharp coupon came. They are at only one Ace Hardware within driving distance from me. When I am going to be in that area, I’ll drop in and try them and report back.


Me too.

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The Goog is peeking over your shoulder, Dan.


I recently got new stones, house brand, from Sharpening Supplies. I got the larger stones, and that facilitates getting an even edge. I am a fan. The edges are noticeably better than I could get them on the small Wusthof tri-stone(which was actually pretty darned good), and it was faster. I got a low grit, which I have not tried, a 1000/3000, and their flattening stone.

Very zen-like when you get in the groove. I’d watch dad sharpen our knives like that.

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We got a Chef’s Choice for a wedding present almost 40 years ago and it’s been just fine. I just had to replace the down comforter we got then. I’m all for long things…tools, bedding, relationships…


Yes… My Dad taught me.

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The Googley Eyes must be surveilling me. This ad appeared on FB today:

The deed is done. I took the 10 inch no name stainless slicer with the cracked handle and a slight bend toward the tip in for its free Resharp sharpening. The first few attempts were rejected as “out of bounds.” Choking up so that the first inch would not be considered, making the blade effectively 9 inches long, passed the screening. After two or three passes, the machine posted a notice that it was going to set a new edge. After another 5 or 6 passes it was done. It took longer to get the payment system to accept the free coupon than it did to sharpen the knife.

As expected, one inch at the handle was not sharpened. The rest of blade did come out nicely sharp, without scratching the blade. A mm or 2 of the tip was gone. A cut the paper test was great.

I weighed the knife before and after. My scale is accurate to 0.5 grams. The weight before and after was the same.

Conclusion: The Resharp system is for ordinary knives. It is suitable for people who are not especially interested in knives, you know, normal people who cook, but probably not for cooks with quality knives who like to DIY.


This sounds great. I am surprised that it cannot handle a 10", since 10" is still kind of normal. Many professional chef knives are 10" instead of 8". Now, if it was a 14-16", then I understand.

When you take the knife to the system, do you need a store clerk to help operate it, or any customer can go up and start working on it?
1-2 mm removal… was your knife pretty dull or has microships? 2 mm sounds a little much. If the machine does this every time, then 5 sharpening sessions will remove an entire 1 cm. On the other hand, your knife still weight the same…

Thanks for the wonderful review

I was surprised that the knife was not accepted at full length since it fit within the sizer image on the outside of the machine. I think the tip loss was due to the bent blade, which was worst at the very tip. I think the loss was closer to 1 mm, but as I did not measure length before and after, I am only guessing. All the machine interfacing was done by an employee. There is a sign warning that customers are not to touch the machine.

Since the only ACE that has a Resharp near me is a 30 minute drive away, I probably will work any dull knife myself to save time. I also think any ordinary cook who wants a sharper knife could do well enough with a pull through sharpener.


Maybe I will bring my Dexter Chinese cleaver or ShiBaZi cleaver to see. Thanks. $7 is cheaper than a professional sharpener

There is a height limit of 3.5 inches for the blade, so a cleaver may not fit depending on its dimensions. Of course, they also say the length is up to 12 inches, so who knows until you try.

Thanks for the warning. I will be careful.

Resharp also can’t handle very short knives. A 4" pocketknife blade with partial serrations was refused.

This thing is completely enclosed and is surprisingly large, so maybe the upper limit is because of overall size constraints.

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I have a three-slot Chef’s Choice and love it. I don’t have any really finely crafted knives, Wusthof is about my best brand, so I don’t worry too much about grinding them down too much. I’m the only one that uses it, so I don’t have to worry about ham-fisted errors in general. The fact that my knives are sharp is most important to me, and it’s made a big difference in my kitchen prep.

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