Rescuing a challah

I baked a whole wheat challah yesterday for the appropriate time and at the right temp, using a recipe that I’ve made many times before. Once we got past the end slices, it was raw dough in the middle. Can it be saved? I can cut out the raw part and we can eat the edges - they can be made into croutons or something. But the middle raw part? Toss? Flatten it out and cook it on a pan like a tortilla? I hate waste…so I’m fishing for ideas.

As for why, it was a 2 loaf batch of dough, and the 2nd half of the dough went into the freezer. It’s possible that I didn’t let it rise long enough once I pulled it out.

Sure, flatten and fry. Or rebake. When you take the second half from the freezer, make sure it’s thoroughly thawed, then knead it well before you form it into a challah. And bake it a little longer than you think it needs. Professeur Calvel said you can’t overbake bread.


Could use it for bread pudding, too.

I’ve been using a Thermapen for my breads and cakes, which has helped me stop underbaking my breads. I tend to underbake when I don’t use a thermometer, even if I’ve looked at the colour, use the touch or toothpick test. Challah, Brioche and other enriched breads internal temp should be 190 -200 F when fully baked.