Reports on Restaurants Need One More Thing

The trip reports with restaurant reviews are very valuable here. None of the Yelp or TA fluff and angst. If only the reporters could emulate John Talbott and give a cost, in any currency, as part of the report. A snap of the menu, especially of ephemeral menus such as a chalkboard list or a list of the daily specials would also be nice. Just sayin’.

By the way, what is the status of John Talbott?

I’m afraid I’ve no idea who John Talbott is but, I’m sorry to say, I’m not about to start emulating his reports. I rarely mention the price of a meal - only when it appears to me to be of outstandingly good, or poor, value for money. Other than that, it is what is. As for snaps, that’s not for me, not least as I don’t carry the technology to be able to photograph anything.


I almost always link to the restaurant’s website, which is better than a photo, because it’s updated.


I’m with @small_h in that I’d rather a link to the restaurant than pixs for full menu and pricing info.

It looks like he joined HO in March, 2016, posted once and was never seen\heard from again.


I happen to like restaurant reviews that include prices.

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JT was a good read via CH. He has/had his own site:

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He is a beloved Former Chowhound who posted reports on the Paris/France board. He hasn’t been travelling from America to France due to Covid so he hasn’t been posting.

Some people here had been in touch with him in 2020.

I also often add prices, and whether I consider the restaurant portions stingy, just right or generous.

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Thanks - that’d explain why I don’t know him.


Biggest thing I can see with prices is that they change all the time…by the time someone gets home and posts, the restaurant may have had a price increase from a supplier. (This goes double for the last couple of years)

Then someone reads that review and takes the poster to task for not posting accurate pricing.

Aa for posting photos, I’m much happier if the menu is linked in the review. Then not only is the pricing more likely to be accurate, but there’s one less reason to take photos of the plate in a restaurant. If its done quickly and subtly its one thing, but IME its done very visibly and obtrusively


Do peeps actually still use flash, or get on their chairs to take a great pic? I take photos of lots of food (both homemade & dining out), but with the quality of phone cameras these days, it takes but a second & is neither visible to others, nor obtrusive in any way :thinking:


Pricing is more to get an idea of the overall cost of a restaurant. No one expects prices to be carved in stone. As for linking to the online menu, most reviews do not have a link to the menu or even to the restaurant’s website. To get an idea of the price, one would have to search for the restaurant, navigate to the menu on the website, and hope it’s not one of the priceless online menus. Of course I could do that. But why not just give the cost and stop trying to give the impression that you are so financially secure that you can ignore what things cost?

Edit. Boy, I sound snarky. Sorry for that. May this is about a pet peeve.

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But pricing changes, as has been mentioned. So do the specials, so me including a photo of “today’s” specials isn’t going to be very informative to someone who goes next month. The “priceless online menu” problem can often be solved by going Yelp and locating a menu photo - and again, this is likely to be more current than whatever’s in the review.

I think literally no one is doing this.


I am so financially secure that I can ignore the cost of restaurant meals.


I always suspected this about you.

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I should join you for dinners out more often :wink:


But since you say that with your British accent, it sounds charming :wink:


Darn tootin’.

We were raised not wanting for anything that mattered (shelter, food, education, guiding compass), and in frugal circumstances. Of course, infrequent restaurant meals were welcomed though they never mattered except as a traveling necessity, though never as entertainment. We were lucky – working Mom was an excellent cook and Dad could put dinner on the table. Those values, of course, prevail today and forever, though we’ve always lived to eat, and not the other way around.

Its gotten better, but its still common enough to be annoying.

At least i havent seen anyone asking other diners to move so they wont be in the picture (this really happenened)

I am so financially naive I didn’t even realize restaurant meals cost money.

Until this thread …


No flash, and no chairs, but i find taking pictures of chalk boards a bit awkward. That’s probably not the right word. More like a reporter than a patron. Like the restaurant might need to be concerned.

And my family absolutely appreciates when i don’t expect them to wait while I take pictures.