Report on new Bosch series 800 gas range

Well, I ended up with a Bosch to replace my defunct American range. Our choices were limited by the inconvenient location of the gas pipe. Here is the good and not-so-good, for anyone who is interested.
It has decent power but not like the American, which I loved cooking on. The center (5th burner, good to have rather than just 4) is 18K. Since I don’t stir-fry any more (I am not allowed any veggies except overcooked or pureed, boo-hoo, but it keeps me out of the hospital) it is fine. Also, we cannot have a proper hood anyway, only recirculating. The front left is 10K, front right 15K, and the two back are 5K. When I lived in houses I had Wolfs, and did like having all burners the same. I haven’t melted chocolate yet so all I have done with the back ones is dry the cast iron skillet.
The oven bakes very nicely. I do lots of bread and am happy with the result. I very seldom use the broiler.
The stainless top scared me for cleaning, but actually it is much easier than the Wolf or American (all of which had the open or semi-open burners and black top). I do clean it after every use but it is quick. I can lift the grates (which had become a problem on the American due to my lifting weight restrictions) which are mid-range in heft.
The design has a lip on the slide-in range that covers the gap to the counter which is VERY nice. I do not like the lack of a bull-nose protrusion over the knobs, which means that grease accumulates on them and the little panel in back of them. I do not like the electronic factor of the oven controls, but then I favored the old-school American since I thought the electronics would not fail, and what failed on it? A control board for the igniters!
So all in all, for the price, I’m happy. It is not the range of my dreams, especially aesthetically, but it fit our gas pipe, was a middle of the road price and does an excellent job cooking.


Congratulations. Hope you enjoy it for many years.

Thanks so much for this detailed review. I learn a lot when someone takes the time to write up their actual experience. As in: What needs did they have, what tradeoffs did they face, how did their choice work out—that sort of thing. Useful stuff!


Nice review!

I should have mentioned that it has a warming drawer. So far, when the oven is working, i can’t tell that it gets particularly warm. Will have to try again–the manual does not say that you can’t use when using the oven.