Reinventing my kitchen

I took all of my extra fort copper cookware to the metal recycling yard, gave my old Sabatiers, Pillivuyt, and tinned items to Goodwill, and started fresh with a full set of clad, a full set of Wusthofs (with block and steel included), and some Pyrex. I’ll get a sharpener later if I need one (Which I doubt. The Wusthofs are pretty sharp.) I did not get too much because I figure I’ll be microwaving more frozen meals. The selections are terrifc these days, and you really cannot tell them from dishes at high end restaurants, like Michelin starred places. Also, I’ll be using my new Nutribullet, Crockpot, Jura Capresso, and, sometimes, the new George Foreman grill. Happy April first!

PS I got a real deal on some China because it has lead in the paint. I figure it has to be a hoax. People have been using it for ages.


You totally got me!

And that reminds me, no April Fools’ Day HO fruit flies or such this year. I miss those but I think the curmudgeons on this board complained too much last year. @hungryonion I appreciated the gags!


That was funny!


I know I’m not writing a post in the spirit of the OP but we use vintage Fiestaware all the time. The original leaded variety. Done it for many years. And I’m fine. Just ignore the little twitching and drooling.


People complained about that? :roll_eyes:

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It wasn’t until I was out harvesting spaghetti off our tree that I realized…


Heh, I figured it out from the first sentence, counselor. :joy::joy:


“recycling yard” was the tell for me. I just skipped down to read the comments after that.